A30 matriline

A30 matriline

The A30 matriline is the name given to the most comonly seen orca matriline in British Columbia. The matriline is currently made of 3 generations, with a total of 9 individuals. It is one of the 3 matrilines in A1 pod, which is one of the 9 pods of the A-clan.The whales currently in this group are:

*The 60 year-old matriarch, A30, also known as Tsitika
*A38, Tsitika's oldest son, also known as Blackney. (born est. 1970)
*A39, her youngest son also known as Pointer. (born 1975)
*A50, her oldest daughter, also known as Clio. (born 1984)
*A54, her youngest daughter, also known as Blinkhorn. (born 1989)
*A72, Clio's first offspring, also known as Bend. (born 1999) It is rumored that she's a female.
*A75, Blinkhorn's first offspring, also known as Cedar.(born 2001) His sex has not been determined yet.
*A84, Clio's second offspring, also known as Klaoitsis.(born 2005) His sex has not been determined yet.
*A86, Blinkhorn's second offspring. (born 2006) His sex has not been determined yet.

Deceased members:

*A2, better known as Nicola was one of the most famous and recognizable killer whales of the coast. She was Tsitika's mother and died in 1989, letting her daughter be the matriarch. As Nicolas was the oldest female of the subpod when the study began in the Pacific Northwest in 1973, it was first named "A2 subpod" and was later changed to A30. She was born around 1927.
*A3, also known as Wavy was Nicola's only son and was already mature when first identified, so he is estimated to have been born in the early 50s. He died in 1979.
*A6, also known as Strider was Tsitika's oldest son. He was very recognizable due to his notch near the top of his dorsal fin and with his two brothers, he formed a 3-bull trio, making the group very easy to identify. He is estimated to have been born around 1964 and died in 1999.

The matriline was present in over 60% of all of the encounters in the Johnstone strait region, making it one of best known matrilines. The group's size has increased, from 6 in the mid-1970s to 9 as of 2007, including 4 calves. It is extremely frequent in Johnstone Strait from late spring to early fall and during summer, it frequently travels with other pods of the northern resident community.

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