Waveguide rotary joint

Waveguide rotary joint

A waveguide rotary joint is used in microwave communications to connect two different types of RF waveguides. Because coaxial parts are symmetrical in ø direction, free rotation without performance degradation is accomplished. In the rotating part, electrical continuity is achieved by λ/4-chokes eliminating metal contacts. The Rotary Joints can have both waveguide ports at a right angle to the rotational axis, "U-style", one waveguide port at a right angle and one in line, "L-style" or both waveguide ports in line. "I-style". Waveguide Rotary Joint modules are available for all frequency bands. [ [http://www.ecplaza.net/tradeleads/seller/4818912/waveguide_rotary_joints.html www.ecplaza.net "WAVEGUIDE ROTARY JOINTS"] ]


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