Revelation of the Daleks

Revelation of the Daleks

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title= Revelation of the Daleks
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*Upon translation into German, this story was renamed "Planet der Toten" ("Planet of the Dead").
*The story was inspired by novelist Evelyn Waugh's "The Loved One", about a mortician and a girl with whom he falls in love..
*The majority of this story was written while Eric Saward was on holiday on the island of Rhodes; and many of the names (such as Lilt and Orcini) come from places, products and people he encountered there Brief | id=6z | title=Revelation of the Daleks] .
*This story was director Graeme Harper's second "Doctor Who" story, (the first being the Fifth Doctor story "The Caves of Androzani"). He has also directed four episodes from the 2006 series ("Rise of the Cybermen", "The Age of Steel", "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday") , two from the 2007 series ("42" and "Utopia") and five from the 2008 series Planet of the Ood, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End .
*Portions of the story were filmed at the IBM UK headquarters in Cosham, Portsmouth
*Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant appear entirely on film in Part One and have no interaction with the actors portrayed in the video segments.
*Eric Saward thought up the idea of blue 'mourning' suits for Necros in order to cover up Colin Baker's costume, which he considered inappropriate for a drama series, for as long as possible.
*This was the final serial to use Peter Howell's arrangement of the "Doctor Who Theme" that had been introduced in 1980.
*This was the final "Doctor Who" serial to be produced using film for outdoor sequences and video for interior scenes. Beginning with "The Trial of a Time Lord" and continuing to the end of the original series, production moved to all-video.
*Following the broadcast of this serial, the BBC suspended work on the series for 18 months; production resumed a year later with the next new episode airing in September 1986.

In print

Jon Preddle] This is one of five "Doctor Who" serials that were never novelised by Target Books, as they were unable to come to an agreement with Eric Saward and Daleks creator Terry Nation that would have allowed Saward or another writer to adapt the script. Virgin Books (the successor to Target) did announce plans to publish a novelisation by Saward in the early 1990s, but this ultimately did not occur. A fan group in New Zealand published an unofficial novelisation of the story in 1992, later republishing it online as an eBook titled " [ Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks] ".

Broadcast, VHS and DVD releases

*This story was released in 1999 on VHS and again in 2000 as part of a box set.
*The story was released on Region 2 DVD on 11th July 2005. The DVD release included the documentary "Revelation Exhumed", produced by John Kelly and featuring interviews with Eric Saward, Graeme Harper, Alan Spalding, John Brace (Visual Effects), Roger Limb, Pat Godfrey (costumer designer), plus cast members Trevor Cooper, Clive Swift, Roy Skelton, Terry Molloy, William Gaunt, Hugh Walters and Colin Spaull.
*The DVD also includes a commentary with Eric Saward, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy and Graeme Harper & an option to view the story with CGI enhanced special effects sequences. Its available as a stand alone DVD or as part of the Davros box set also featuring Genesis of the Daleks, Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks.


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Fan novelisation

* [ "Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks" ] eBook

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