Arboretum of the University of Central Florida

Arboretum of the University of Central Florida

The Arboretum of the University of Central Florida is an arboretum and botanical garden in Orlando, Florida, USA. Covering 80 acres (32 hectares), it contains more than 600 species of plants, including more than 100 bromeliads, in cultivated gardens.

The Arboretum was founded in 1983. Its cultivated areas currently include a Conservatory Compound, a Bromeliad Sanctuary, Cycad Garden, Fern Garden, Palm Collection, Rose Garden, Swamp Habitat, and Wetland Plants Display. The natural area includes a nine-acre (3.6 ha) lake, and Black Gum Pond, Cypress Dome, Cypress Slough, Longleaf Pine Flatwoods, Oak Hammock, Oak Scrub, Palm Strand, Pond Pine Community, and the Sandpine-Wild Rosemary Scrub.

The Arboretum suffered a fire in 2004. [ [ 10 acres goes up in flames] ] Prescribed burns are now used in order to reduce the likelihoood of such fires in the future. [ [ Arboretum Conducts Prescribed Burn Again] ]

Due to the hurricanes of 2005, the Arboretum is receiving a major restructuring that will lead to new collections arranged by geographical area. It also is being designed to become a public hang-out area for the University, with picnic tables, running trails, and a disc golf course. [ [ Arboretum begins growth] "Central Florida Future"]


Collections at the arboretum include:
* "Acer rubrum"
* "Acrostichum daniaefolium"
* "Agarista populifolia"
* "Alpinia speciosa"
* "Taxodium distichum"
* "Calamintha coccinea"
* "Ceratiola ericoides"
* "Chamaecyparis thyoides"
* "Chrysobalanus oblongifolius"
* "Cladonia"
* "Crataegus" sp.
* Cycads ("Cycas, Bowenia, Dioon, Macrozamia, Stangeria", and "Zamia")
* "Cycas revoluta"
* "Dicranum scoparium"
* "Equisetum hyemale"
* "Ficus aurea"
* "Ficus religiosa" (from cuttings of a Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden tree, which in turn was a cutting from Foster Botanical Garden)
* "Fraxinus caroliniana"
* "Gaylussacia dumosa"
* "Gordonia lasianthus"
* "Hedychium coronarium"
* "Ilex cassine"
* "Ilex glabra"
* "Ilex opaca" var. "arenicola"
* "Iris hexagone"
* "Itea virginica"
* "Lilium catesbei"
* "Lilium superbum"
* "Liquidambar styraciflua"
* "Liriodendron tulipifera"
* "Ludwigia octovalvis"
* "Lygodium japonicum"
* "Macrothelypteris torresiana"
* "Magnolia virginiana"
* "Mangifera indica"
* "Nyssa sylvatica" var. "biflora"
* "Opuntia humifusa"
* orchids
* "Orontium aquaticum"
* "Osmanthus americana"
* palms (Washington fan palm, Mexican hat palm, Sabal palm (Sabal palmetto), Fishtail palm)
* "Parthenocissus quinquefolia"
* "Peltandra sagittifolia"
* "Pinus clausa"
* "Pinus palustris"
* "Pinus serotina"
* "Quercus chapmanii"
* "Quercus geminata"
* "Quercus laevis"
* "Quercus minima"
* "Quercus myrtifolia"
* "Quercus pumila"
* "Rhapidophyllum hystrix"
* "Salix floridana"
* "Saururus cernuus"
* "Selaginella arenicola"
* "Serenoa repens"
* "Smilax glauca"
* "Styrax americana"
* "Tacca" sp.
* "Toxicodendron radicans"
* "Ulmus americana"
* "Vitis aestivalis"

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* List of botanical gardens in the United States

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