List of fictional medicines and drugs

List of fictional medicines and drugs

This is a list of fictional medicines and drugs from works of fiction (usually fantasy or science fiction). Some of the items listed as medicines or drugs, may be used as both or in other capacities, but fictional works are often vague on such distinctions. Grouping is done by what seems most likely.

Fictional medicines

These drugs and vaccines are meant primarily for medicinal and analgesic use, though they can possibly be abused.


Snake oils can be found here. Also for compounds whose properties are not known.

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* * Adneman - "Desperate Housewives" - A fictional painkiller that was used by Mike Delfino to relive his pain after car accident (S04E07 - You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover)
* Adrenochrome - supposedly taken directly from the adrenaline gland of a living human being, used in the 1999 film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
* Anaproviline - "Star Trek"
* Aphrodite - " Get Backers" - A white powder which was from the Venus De Milo storyline. It is highly expensive and addictive and can be taken via needle although it is unclear as to whether it is administered subcutaineously, intramuscularly, or via IV. Its effects are severely dibilitating, and on one character induces paranoia, catatonia, and loss of the ability to walk. Apparently rare even within the Limitless Fortress. Hardened and compacted, Aphrodite was fashioned into a fake Venus.
* Backlash - "Blackcollar" - A drug taken to greatly improve the speed and reflexes of elite commandos known as the Blackcollar during the war between humans and an alien race called Ryqril. Together with Idunine for health and geriatic effects, an RNA derivative to speed up learning, and the very best psychological and anti-interrogation training, it created more effective warriors than anything known in previous human history. During and after the war the Backlash drug was mostly destroyed by the alien victors, who didn't want more Blackcollars being trained in secret, though it is hoped that instructions on how to make the drug still exist. Little is known about the drug itself.
* Blue Dreamers - "Saturn 3"
* Blue Pill - "EVE Online"
* BTL - "Beetle" (Better Than Life) electronic drug not unlike Tek from the "Shadowrun" roleplaying game.
* Butazamine - "Dead Ringers" - Diet pill (Amphetamine). Claire Niveau uses it as an aphrodisiac.
* Fly - military drug which increases strength, speed and stamina. Soldiers of Anarchy
*Flora-Flor - A fictitious over-the-counter drug created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Is used to treat "itchy, watery eyes" but has 50 negative side-effects, from "back pain" to "low resale value on your home". (Add to list when you learn all 50).
* Calminex -"South Park" mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine. Possibly a reference to Dextromethorphan. Also mentioned in Jonathan Coulton's song "I Feel Fantastic".
*Cat Urine - "South Park"- In the episode Major Boobage cat urine serves an hallucinogen that when is inhaled it would make the person look like he is in another world filled with breasts(parodying the film Heavy Metal) in which they are allowed to have sex with king's daughter.
* chlorhexinol - "The Simpsons"
* Clarity - "Minority Report" (This is the street name for Neuroin)
* Comatonin - "Futurama"
* Cortitussin Cough and Cold- "South Park" makes you "trip balls", mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine.
* Crash - "EVE Online
* Crystal Dream - "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"
* Crystal Egg - "EVE Online"
* cyclobenzanone - "The Simpsons"
* Dancer - All Tomorrow's Parties by "William Gibson"
* Daytab Cold and Flu-"South Park" causes a "lucid, speedy kind of high", mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine.
* Desperance - "Forward the Foundation". See also: Raych Seldon
* dexatrimfan -"South Park" active ingredient in Calminex PM, cough medicine that "causes hallucinations in large doses".
* Dragon's Milk/Peca "Various Bordertown books" Used only by Truebloods (elves), it doesn't produce a high in humans, although it does cause severe nausea and vomiting. While the specific effects are uncertain, the initial rush feels like the top of your head gets blown off (but in a good way?) and you only remember pieces of what happens while you're on it. You can drink it, or smear a concentrated form on open cuts, usually made on the wrists or arms.
* Drop - "EVE Online"
* Drug Bug - "Let's visit the World of the Future" (By Ivan Stang). a highly contagious artificially created disease that causes extreme euphoria and a state of mild delirium in those infected by it.
* Exile - "EVE Online"
* Eye Candy - Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. A drug taken in form of eye drops. Effects similar to cocaine.
* E-Z 4 - "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". An aerosol sleep-inducing agent. Non-fatal and fast-acting, but causes a bad headache.
*Fairy dust "various books in the Bordertown series" Both a cosmetic and a recreational drug, and the refined for of a substance by the same name used to make graffiti sparkle. Not very chemically addictive, but causes powerful psychological dependence in humans (although not in elves). Addicts are called "dust heads" and can be identified by the glittery aura around them, as well as by the fact that they walk into walls. Apparently hallucinogenic, users 'babble about faeries'. Cosmetically worn on the skin, or in hair, where it looks like glitter, and gives the faces of human wearers a 'vaguely elven' appearance. It can be snorted to get high, and whether it will get you high when used as makeup is debatable.
* Flash- "The Warriors (Video Game)"
* Frentix - "EVE Online"
* Glint (aka Devil's Hairlip) - "Strangers with Candy"
* Glycolauric Octanol (AKA "Glow") - ""
*Goblin Fruit "" Fruit that looks like small gold plums. Mildly hallucinogenic, and non addictive.
* Golden - "The Sentinel (TV series)"
* Goofballs - "The Simpsons"
* Havidol (avafynetyme HCl) - from Havidol website
* Haza - "Supernova"
* Heatstroke - TKKG Novels Series - a fictional and addictive designer drug
* Hobbitweed - J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" - a mild narcotic, evidently much like marijuana, smoked in pipes.
* Hyoscine-pentothal - A fistional pain-inducing drug used by CTU for interrogation methods on 24.
* Hyperdrene - Alan Moore's Top 10 series -a hallucinogenic club drug; the pixie-like hallucinations it produces in users can be seen and heard by others, to their annoyance.
* Idunine - "Blackcollar" - essentially a youth drug, it would help a human being maintain their health, muscle and joints in good shape for decades. The availability of idunine, however limited, kept most surviving veterans of the Human-Ryqril war still very capable for duty thirty years later, when the story of the Blackcollar series takes place.
* Iocaine/iocane powder - "The Princess Bride" - a deadly poison which is odorless and from Australia.
* Juvenat - "Warhammer 40,000" - Designed to retard the aging process in humans, it can allow someone who has regular treatment (normally nobility, Imperial Guard officers or Inquisitors) to live for several centuries.
* Kamyla - sex drug, which suppresses free will. Kamyla.
* Key 17 and Key 23 - "The Invisibles"
* KT-28 - "Watchmen"
* MA-19 - Michael Moorcock's "The Deep Fix" and "The Black Corridor"
* Megagesterine - Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Episode 26: Cool Passion
* Mindflood - "EVE Online"
* Mongoose Blood - Alan Moore's Top 10 series - a very potent stimulant club drug that can make dancers move so fast they're rendered invisible.
* "The monkey drug" from "Arrested Development (TV series)"
* MUSCLE - "Logan's Run"
* Nalcon, Red - drugs that give psionic powers to the main protagonist in the Playstation game Galerians
* Nectar - "Haze (video game)" - Gives the user better speed, accuracy and strength; the ability to see enemies through cover by highlighting them and a hazard warning sense.
* Neotraxin - "Six Million Dollar Man"
* Nerve Sticks - "EVE Online"
* Noxosilinone aerodide - "" (Mentioned in Raven's ending sequence)
* Orthopure Procreation Pills - "The Running Man"
* Ovalqwik - "Schlock Mercenary" Sergeant Schlock imbibes this chocolate beverage, which consists of chocolate, theobromine, caffeine, morphine, nicotine and other substances. It's described as a "chocolate flavored narcotic."
* Oxygen Pills - "Fireball XL5"
* Panadote - "The Dying Sun"
* Paranoia (role-playing game) is rife with drugs, e.g. Sleepy-Tyme pills and Wakey-Wakey pills (most also have a pseudo-Latin name)
* Parepin, Opal, others from Nine Inch Nails' ARG for Year Zero
*Passport "Finder" A mutagen that alters human DNA, designed to make them enough like Truelboods (elves) that they can cross the magical border between Bordertown and Elfland. Causes weight loss, increase in height, and elongation of the fingers. Unfortunately it will also kill those who use it, can cause weird deformities (like making half your fingers longer than the other half), doesn't actually work, and is the vector for a disease that kills truebloods.
* Pattern - "Lexx" episode "Eating Pattern"
* Pearl "Various books in the Bordertown series" Produces a 'glow' feeling, has hallucinogenic effects (mostly in light and color perception), causes euphoria, and interferes with perception of time, and one's own movement. Usually taken nasally, but it's implied that you can also inject it. Withdrawal is extremely unpleasant, and goes on for weeks, with symptoms including vomiting, cramps, seizures, shaking and headaches "as sharp as amps feeding back at full volume.
* phenolbutamine - "The Simpsons"
* Pilene-50 - "Blake's 7"
* Pop - ""
* Progenitorivox - from the Consumers Union song "The Drugs I Need" by Austin Lounge Lizards
*raisins - Clone high - a powerful form of psychedelic.
* Red Death - "CSI Miami" Like ecstasy, but has a different chemical compound so it isn't technically illegal. When used, the user feels nothing for a long time so they take more, and eventually overdose and die.
*Retcon - "Torchwood"- First used in the first episode "Everything Changes," it is an amnesia pill.
* River Water/Red Water "various books in the bordertown series" Water from the "Mad River" that flows out of elfland and through the middle of bordertown. It has no effect on Truebloods (elves), but for humans, it's a very powerful drug. Descriptions of the effects are vague, but apparently amazing, and intense. Physical addictiveness is up for debate, but it is so strongly psychologically addictive that most human user get hooked after only trying it once. It's a translucent bright red liquid, described as 'the color of cherry soda'. Addicts, called river rats, or simply 'rats' are regarded with disdain by most bordertown residents, and smell terrible, apparently an effect that river water has on the chemistry of human sweat.
* Semuta - "Dune (novel)"
*Shake "Life on the Border" New version of Pearl. Glittering pink and mauve flakes. Has Pearl's effects, (euphoria, hallucinations (light and color perception disturbed), altered sense of time and movement) but also causes 'speedy little rushes' that feel similar to orgasm. Can be used pretty much any way you want, smoked, injected, eaten, snorted (like pearl), even taken in an enema. Described as "100% addictive" apparently a single use is enough to get hooked.
* Sky - "The Invisibles"
* Soma - Brave New World - dream- and pleasue-inducing drug, used in various situations
*Slurm - "Futurama"- In the episode "Fry and the Slurm Factory"- Fry wins a trip to planet Wormulon, a planet famous for the production of a soft drink called Slurm. Slurm's advertising catchphrase is "It's highly addictive".
* Sooth Sayer - "EVE Online"
* Spank - "Grand Theft Auto III"
* Stummies - "Brain Candy"
* Stimu-Cranck: From the episode of The Simpsons: Maximum Homerdrive.
* Sytropin - substance used to suppress Daodan transmutation in the PC game Oni. Background and composition unknown.
* Teamocil - "Arrested Development (TV series)"
* Tek - "Tek War"
*Third-Eye "The Dresden Files:Storm Front (novel)" Powerful halucinogen induces a powerful, uncontrolled psychic state.
* Toad - "Family Guy"
* Trinity - ""
*Truly Magic Mushrooms "" Most likely similar in effect to real world 'shrooms'. They grow wild in the 'Nevernever'a magical forest between bordertown and elfland. During autumn, when they are harvested, they can be eaten fresh, and they are used year round, dry, in tea.
* Varatril - "Prison Break" - used by Alex Mahone, apparently a benzodiazepine according to []
* Vitoc - "EVE Online" Was used by the Amarrian empire as a form of slave control due to its addictiveness.
* Vurt Feathers - "Vurt"
* X-Instinct - "EVE Online"
* Wraith Enzyme - "" A drug used by the Wraith to keep their victims alive while they feed. It enhances the human body's strength and several other things while causing obvious harm to the reasoning of the person. In large doses it can cause the person to lose focus and faint. While exposed the person belives that everybody else is behaving odd and the exposed person is behaving normally. The drug is strongly addictive.

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