Kiss the Bride (2008 film)

Kiss the Bride (2008 film)

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name = Kiss the Bride

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caption = "Kiss the Bride" film poster
director = C. Jay Cox
producer = C. Jay Cox Richard Santilena Bob Schuck
writer = Ty Lieberman
narrator =
starring = Tori Spelling Philipp Karner James O'Shea
music = Ben Holbrook
cinematography = Carl Bartels
editing =
distributor = Regent Releasing
released = April 18 2008
runtime = 115 min
country = USA
language = English
budget = $500,000 (estimated)
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amg_id = 1:400831
imdb_id = 0893346

"Kiss the Bride" is a romantic comedy, directed by C. Jay Cox, scheduled for a limited release in April 2008. It stars Tori Spelling, Philipp Karner and James O'Shea.


Matt (Philipp Karner) and Ryan (James O'Shea) were best friends in high school, but ten years later, Matt receives an invitation to Ryan's wedding, he is surprised - especially that Ryan's intended, whose name is Alex, is a woman (Tori Spelling). Matt and Ryan had a gay moment in high school, and Matt has held a torch for Ryan for the past ten years. Described by a co-worker as "so 'My Best Friends Gay Wedding,'" Matt races off to rescue his former love from this woman who must have trapped him into marriage. Matt and Alex hit it off, Matt and Ryan have some things to work out, and a cast of character in-laws (Joanna Cassidy, Tess Harper, Robert Foxworth and Amber Benson) keeps the laughter going.


*Tori Spelling as Alex
*James O'Shea as Ryan
*Philipp Karner as Matt
*Amber Benson as Elly
*Joanna Cassidy as Evelyn
*Garrett M. Brown as Gerald
*Tess Harper as Barbara
*Robert Foxworth as Wayne
*E.E. Bell as Dan
*Steve Sandvoss as Chris
*Michael Medico as Sean
*Jane Cho as Stephanie
*Ralph Cole Jr. as Barry
*Brooke Dillman as Virginia
*Dean McDermott as Plumber
*Elizabeth Kell as Monica
*Dean Nolen as Reverend
*Connie Sawyer as Aunt Minnie
*Les Williams as Larry
*Charlie David as Joey
*Paul Meacham as Waiter Worthie
*Kyle Davis as Officer Harley
*Mary Gillis as Saleslady

Critical reception

Nick Pinkerton of "LA Weekly" called the film "the most ignoble outing in bi-curious screen hijinks since France produced "Poltergay"." [cite web|url= |title=Movie Reviews: Zombie Strippers, Floating Life, Lost in Beijing |accessdate=2008-04-23 |authors=L.A. Weekly Movie Critics |date=2008-04-16 |work=LA Weekly]


*"U Found Me" (Levi Kreis, Darci Monet) - Levi Kreis
*"Hardly A Hero" (Kreis, Monet) - Levi Kreis
*"We're Okay" (Kreis) - Levi Kreis (end credits)
*"Drive" - Brian Kent [ [ ‘Life’ with Brian] ]


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