color = #c2b0c4
name = "Stylonychia"

domain = Eukaryota
unranked_phylum = Alveolata
phylum = Ciliophora
classis = Spirotrichea
ordo = Sporadotrichida
familia = Oxytrichidae
genus = "Stylonychia"
genus_authority = Ehrenberg, 1830

"Stylonychia" is a genus of ciliate, included among the stichotrichs. It is very common in fresh water and soil, found on filamentous algae, surface films, and among particles of sediment. Like its relatives, "Stylonychia" has cilia grouped into membranelles alongside the mouth and cirri over the body. It is distinguished partly by long cirri at the posterior, usually a cluster of three.

The stylonychia is oval in shape when viewed from the top, and it is notable for its incessant activity and rapid movement. It, like the paramecium and blepharisma, is a ciliate (having short hair like extensions). The cilia of stylonychia are more highly specialized and not freely distributed over its body. The cilia along the edge of the ventral surface seem to be tufts of cilia fused together and are used very much like legs allowing the animal to move with a walking motion. Longer fused cilia form stylus-like protrusions at both ends of its body. Another set of specialized cilia beat the water and sweep bacteria and other microorganisms into its oral cavity.


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