Pastoral (disambiguation)

Pastoral (disambiguation)

Pastoral can refer to:

*Pastoralism, pastoral farming
*Pastoral, the lifestyle of shepherds, and also an artistic style

Uses of "pastoral" related to the primary meanings above include:

*In film:
** "Pastoral" (film), a 1974 film by Shuji Terayama

*In literature:
** Pastoral poetry, a literary genre dealing with the lives of shepherds or rural life in general
** Pastoral (Soule) is a form of folk theatre derived from religious plays in Soule, France
** "Pastoral" (novel), a 1944 novel by Nevil Shute

*In music:
** Pastoral pipes is a bagpipe developed in the 18th-19th century in Britain and Ireland(see List of European folk music traditions) that became the Uilleann pipes.
** Beethoven's 6th Symphony is known as the "Pastoral Symphony"
** Piano Sonata No. 15 written by Ludwig van Beethoven was dubbed "Pastoral" by his publisher
** Pastoral (song), a song by The Jesus Lizard from their 1990 album Head

*In flower cultivation:
** Pastoral flower, cultivated flower originally a meadow flower

* In Christian theological or ecclesiastical contexts:
** "Pastoral" can refer to the professional role of a Pastor or other Christian clergy
** Pastoral care, the practice of care and counselling by a teacher or Minister of religion
** "Pastoral Care" or "Pastoral Rule", a book written by Pope Gregory I in 591
** Pastoral letter, an open letter addressed by a bishop to the clergy or laity of his diocese

*Relating to work with livestock:
** Pastoral dog, any dog breed bred to work livestock

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