Institute for Social Ecology

Institute for Social Ecology

The Institute for Social Ecology is an educational institution in the United States offering courses related to social ecology, an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian strain of ecology that is a form of libertarian socialism. It was founded in 1974 by Murray Bookchin and Daniel Chodorkoff.

Background information

The institute's summer and Baccalaureate (bachelor degree) programs have not been offered since 2004, but the institute does continue to offer periodic programs and workshops. [ [ Institute for Social Ecology] , August 2008.]

Up until 2005 the Institute offered summer programs, a year-round B.A. degree program, workshops, and lecture series. Specific courses included Sustainable Design, Building & Land Use, Arts, Media, Activism & Social Change, and Remaking Society. Over three thousand students were enrolled. The institute, which was located on the Goddard College campus in Plainfield, Vermont, also hosted events related to social ecology, including art exhibits and academic conferences. It published a journal, "Harbinger, A Journal of Social Ecology".

The Institute for Social Ecology continues to be involved with anti-authoritarian and environmental activism.

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*Social ecology, for a deeper analysis of the topic
*Global warming
*Earth Science
*Natural environment

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