Computerized neuropsychological assessment

Computerized neuropsychological assessment

Computerized neuropsychological assessment helps neuropsychologists and psychologists to assess functions relative to possible brain damage using a software. For more information about the tests, see Neuropsychological tests.


Available packages

Currently there are some commercial packages available for buying. Once bought, they can be installed at a clinic and be used to assess patients.

Computerized versus Traditional tests

There are some discussion on the effectiveness of computerized tests. The detriment in using computerized versions are discussed in a article.

Computerized have the following main benefits:

They are faster

Results are obtained as soon as the tests are finished - no need to consult tables or other informations.

They are more secure

Every rule are programmed in the software, so there will be no errors during the execution or getting the results.

Hemispheric Asymmetry

To assess different hemispheric functions, some packages offer verbal and non verbal tests. These tests are applied according to Neuropsychological tests.

Development at Universities

By having clinical applications, some universities develop their own packages, like University of Cambridge (CANTAB - Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery [1]) and Universidade Federal de São Paulo (NAFW - Neuropsychological Assessment Framework [2], LAACS - Lateralized Attention Assessment Computerized System [3] and ThoughtFlow-Sys [4]).

List of softwares


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