Kamen Rider Chalice

Kamen Rider Chalice

nihongo|Kamen Rider Chalice|仮面ライダーカリス|Kamen Raidā Karisu is a character from the tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider Blade, which aired in Japan in 2004/2005. His voice and his human form, nihongo|Hajime Aikawa|相川 始|Aikawa Hajime, was played by Japanese actor/singer, nihongo|Ryōji Morimoto|森本 亮治|Morimoto Ryōji .

Fictional character biography

A Wild Card Rider who is actually the infamous Black Joker Undead, the most powerful of the Undeads; the 53rd Existence. The Undead whose victory in the Battle Fight would mark the end of all life on Earth.

He became a Kamen Rider by using the power of Chalice the Legendary Mantis Undead, a CA Undead and the most well known Undead due to his fighting abilities, and began using the human form after sealing the Heart Category 2 Human Undead. During a battle with the Giraffa Undead, an innocent bystander witnessed the battle and was accidentally killed in the skirmish. The photographer handed him a photograph of his family and Joker decide to protect his family in which he did to atone for his death. The Joker Undead adopted the name Hajime Aikawa, a free lance photographer, after this incident. He's been targeted by many Royal Type/High Class Undead because they deemed him the most dangerous of all Undead because his powers are capable of destroying the world. However, Hajime soon realized that the humans were good beings and wished for himself to be human instead of being the Joker due to his interest of human emotion. Despite being cold to many people, he holds a heart for the young girl and the widow of the photographer that died, Kurihara Haruka and Amane. Haruka sees him as a brother figure to Amane, while Amane sees him as a father figure and close friend. Later on, he developed a respect for the other riders as well, including Leangle; who continuously attempted to seal him. It's unfortunate that the only way the High Class Undead, as well as the other Riders, have to use underhanded tactics to defeat him. In the end, Kamen Rider Blade is the only one to combat him head on because it seems that Blade is the only one who can equal him in power.

Hajime Aikawa draws his power from the Human Undead and Chalice to suppress the powers of the Joker and prevent him from destroying everything. According to Hajime, the Human Undead's compassion for life and the Mantis' Undead's fighting spirit is strong enough together to suppress the evil of the Joker's power. Besides turning into a Kamen Rider, he can adopt the forms and powers of other undead by swiping cards in his Chalice Rouse. However, he's not as strong as his "Rider" form according to him. Over the series, he became the Dragonfly Undead and Wolf Undead, when his change card was stolen by Spade's Category King and Jack. And when he eventually gains all 13 of his category heart cards, Hajime is able to take full control of himself...that is until...Giriffa Undead was sealed, he begins to lose control and his impulse as Joker comes forth with the Stone of Sealing creating his army of DarkRoaches to eliminate all humans.

eries ending

Kenzaki sacrificed his humanity in order to save Hajime and in turn, the Battle Fight resulted in a stalemate. In the end, he is allowed to keep his Human Spirit card to maintain his disguise and stays with the Kurihara family for the rest of his life; but still remembers what Kenzaki has done for him for if he and Kenzaki cross paths, fate will step in and force them to fight.

Missing Ace Ending

Kenzaki was soon forced to defeat Hajime and seal him. Though in seemed to be over, the actions of the Albino Joker four years later forced Kenzaki to have Leangle release the Black Joker from his card prison to aid in protecting Amane as his true self and later as Chalice. In the end, Hajime sacrificed himself by switching places with Amane to save her and give the other Riders an advantage over their enemy. His spirit was later shown watching over Amane, the girl assured by Kenzaki that Hajime will always be there.


Ace Form

*Rider height: 204cm
*Rider weight: 109kg
*Ability perimeters
**Punch Power: 2.3t
**Kick Power: 5.2t
**Maximum jump height: 45m
**Maximum running speed: 100m/4.8sUnlike the B.O.A.R.D Riders, Chalice is not a Kamen Rider transformation produced by a Rider System. Chalice is in fact the name of the legendary Mantis Undead of the A: "Change Mantis". The Joker, using the Rouse Card of this sealed Undead, mimics the form, attributes and power of the Mantis Undead via the Chalice Rouzer. Though Chalice favors agility, this "Undead Rider" is basically superior to the B.O.A.R.D Riders in every respect, making him a lethal adversary to either side: Undead or Rider.

Wild Form

*Rider height: 204cm
*Rider weight: 109kg
*Ability perimeters
**Punch Power: 4.2t
**Kick Power: 6.2t
**Maximum jump height: 60m
**Maximum running speed: 100m/4.5sThe Wild Form is the ultimate form of Chalice, which merges the power of the K: "Evolution Paradoxa" with A: "Change Mantis" to unify the powers of the other Rouse Cards of the Heart Suit. Outside of its combat practicality, the Wild Form serves an even more vital purpose to Chalice. Thanks to the additional power of , the Wild Form can suppress the power of the Joker and effectively subdue its influence. To that effect, the Wild Form becomes an extension of the Joker's "Trump" effect and can harness the powers of all Rouse Cards in the form of the "Wild Card".

Gear & Accessories

;Chalice Rouzer :The Chalice Rouzer is an unique transformation device bestowed upon the Joker Undead. The full extent of its power is unknown, but the Chalice Rouzer is capable of reproducing the DNA of sealed Undead and mimic their forms with frightening accuracy, as well as their respective powers and abilities. Further adding to its uniqueness, is that the Chalice Rouzer utilizes the "Swipe" function, which became the template for the Rider System's "Rouzer" technology.

;Chalice Arrow :Chalice’s primary armament; a bow and arrow weapon originally is used by Chalice the Legendary Undead and only can combine with the Chalice Rouzer. It also doesn't need to spend any AP just like the other riders. On its own accord, the weapon can shoot endless amounts of energy arrows, plus the sides can fold inward to create a knuckle like weapon. The sides are bladed and act as a dual blade sword.

;Wild Slasher:Chalice’s primary armament while in Wild Form; two kama-like weapons that resemble mantis claws and can be folded and interlocked with the Chalice Arrow, assembling an entirely new weapon in the process, the "Wild Rouzer", able to shot out a beam of energy at its target.

;Shadow Chaser
*Length: 2080mm
*Width: 830mm
*Height: 1370mm
*Top speed: 410km/h:The Shadow Chaser is Chalice's personal motorbike. Normally in the form of a normal (model name) motorbike, only upon transformations does the Shadow Chaser appear. The Shadow Chaser served as the basis for the BOARD Rider bike technology, which enables the rider to augment certain aspects of the bike's performance with Rouse Cards.

Performance Modes

;Tornado Chaser
*Cards Required: Tornado Hawk (6)
*AP Costs: 1200
6: "Tornado Hawk" card. Once 'roused', the Shadow Chaser generates a high-gale wind barrier which properly defends against offending enemies.

Rouse Cards: Heart Suit

Rouse Combos

;Spinning Wave
*Cards Required: Chop Head (3) + Tornado Chop (6)
*AP Cost: 2000 (3=600, 6=1400)Chalice's signature card combo; The combo enables Chalice's signature spinning chop attack, coupling 3's "CHOP" effect imbued with the wind-attribute of the 6's "TORNDO" effect.;Spinning Attack
*Cards Required: Drill Shell (5) + Tornado Chop (6)
*AP Cost: 2600 (5=1200, 6=1400)The combo enables Chalice's spinning corkscrew kick, coupling 5's "DRILL" effect imbued with the wind-attribute of the 6's "TORNDO" effect.;Spinning Dance
*Cards Required: Float Dragonfly (4) + Drill Shell (5) + Tornado Chop (6)
*AP Cost: 3600 (4=1000, 5=1200, 6=1400)This card combo enhances the "Spinning Attack" combo with the addition of 4's "FLOAT" effect .;Wild Cyclone
*Cards Required: Wild CardChalice's signature card combo while in Wild Form; enabling Chalice fire a high intensity beam from the Wild Rouzer.


*The name "Chalice" is a pun on the Minor Arcana version of the Heart cards: The suit of cups which symbolize emotion and love that Hajime acquired over the series.


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