Lakeview Jr. High School

Lakeview Jr. High School

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name=Lakeview Jr. High School
motto="Excellence through Achievement"
location= 701 Plainfield Road, Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
principal=Mr. Paul Windsor
colors=Green and Gold color box|#WMATA color|Green color box|#LACMTA color|Gold
district=Center Cass School District 66
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Lakeview Junior High School, also commonly called Lakeview is a junior high school located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Lakeview serves students who live in Downers Grove, Illinois, Woodridge, and Darien. Lakeview is part of Center Cass School District 66. Lakeview uses trimesters instead of semesters to allow changes in encore classes.


Lakeview was built in 1975. Originally, Lakeview had one main library with most of its classrooms connecting to the library without any doorways separating any of the rooms. It also had a wing of band and art rooms, and a gymnasium connected to the library as well. During the summer of 2005, Lakeview went through a huge remodeling, in which a second gymnasium was added, all of the original orange lockers were replaced with new green ones, a new science wing was added to the building to enlargen lab space, and the layout around the library was changed so when you go to the classrooms, you don't have to walk through the library first.

Detailed Description of Lakeview and its Layout

Lakeview has a very interesting layout. When you first walk in to the school, you enter a large main lobby. To your right is the main office, and to your left is a long hallway of lockers that leads to another smaller wing that has a Spanish, Art, Music, Consumer Education (also called Home Economics), and a band room. Also in the main lobby is a large trophy case featuring all of the trophies won by all of our sports teams (see below). If you go to the back of the lobby, you can go three different ways. You can turn left, which leads you to the original gymnasium (called the "old gym" by students and faculty). If you go straight from the lobby, you enter another hallway that leads the other gymnasium (called the "new gym"), and science classrooms. If you turn right from the lobby, you can go straight into the library, or go to the left of right of it; on both sides of the library (also called the IMC). These two hallways lead to all of the social studies, Language Arts/Reading, math-which are all grouped by grade level, and encore classes (except music, band, art, and Consumer Ed). These halways meet on the opposite side of the IMC to form a square shape. This square shape also wraps around the science classrooms and connects with the lobby and new gym. In all, the school is shaped like a giant rhombus attached to the left side of a vertical rectangle. Outside of the school is nearby Prairieview School (Prairieview is just across the parking lot). Also behind the school is an area to drop students off or pick students up. This area is connected to a fairly large parking lot with a running track circling it. Beyond the lot is a soccer/football field and a softball field.

ports Teams

Lakeview has many sports teams that play throughout the whole school year. During the fall, Lakeview has a boys' volleyball, girls' volleyball, and cross country running teams (boys and girls separate as well). There is also a boys' football team during the fall. In the winter, there are junior girls' basketball, varsity girls' basketball, junior boys' basketball, and varsity boys' basketball teams. In the spring, there are boys' and girls' track and field teams that practice for just one meet. There is also a girls' softball team in the spring, and boys' and girls' soccer teams. For Football and Basketball there is cheerleading. A new edition was added to the school's spirt team, their mascot, Victory. Also in late fall/winter, Lakeview also has a math team that competes at Montini, where students compete at math (see math club below). Lakeview teams play many schools in the area. The schools Lakeview competes against include: Gower Middle School, Burr Ridge Middle School, Old Quarry Middle School, Westmont School, Eisenhower Jr. High, Jefferson Jr. High, Westview Hills Jr. High, Lisle Jr. High, Butler Jr. High, and Cass Jr. High.

Encore Classes

Lakeview also has many encore classes. All of the encore classes include: Art, Music, Physical Education, Computers, Spanish, Health, Applied Technology, and Consumer Education. All of these classes students go to once a trimester, except P.E. and Spanish. Spanish is for 7th and 8th graders only. Because Spanish takes up all three trimesters, students miss three of their encore classes every year if they have have Spanish. In Applied Technology, students have individule modules in which they learn about different forms of technology. In Consumer Education, students learn about manners, cooking, sewing, how to operate sewing machines (sewing machines were taken out of the class at the beginning of the 2007-2008 year), home safety, and babysitting.

Lakeview Clubs

Lakeview also has many clubs. The clubs of Lakeview include: a Math club, "IMC Corps" (They help around in the IMC), Student Council (which was originally made upof representatives from each class, but now as of the 2007-2008 year, it has been changed to random representatives from any class(originally they were also elected)),Make a Difference Club (nicknamed MAD), Character Counts Club, Yearbook club, Newspaper club, Drama Club, Leadership team, five bands, choir, and Science Club.

Lakeview Math ClubIn this club, students participate in competitions such as Montini, a school, where they go and compete against other students from other schools This club is run by the 8th grade algebra and pre-algebra teacher.

Lakeview Student CouncilIn Student Council, randomly selected students participate in discussions on upcoming events, sales of in-school telegrams from student to student (these are calles "boograms" in October, and various other names in February-they usually have to do with Valentine's Day), school dances, etc. When they finally decide, representatives will report to each classroom to report their decisions.

Make a Difference Club (MAD)In MAD club, students paricipate in different projects based on trying to preserve the Earth, reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. Every morning MAD club members go around the school emptying recycle bins. Other projects the MAD club works on are book exchanges, food drives, shoe donations, etc.

Character Counts ClubIn this Lakeview club, members work with different activities about the 6 pillars of character: Caring, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Citizenship. People in this club also perform skits about being nice to your friends, family, and other people around you. The Character Counts Club presents these skits for the younger aged students in District 66 (Prairieview and Elizabeth Ide).

Yearbook ClubMembers participate in creating the layout of Lakeview's yearly yearbook with pictures of every student and faculty members. Members in the club mainly design pages in the beginning and end of the book, where they combine random pictures of students and smush them all on one page. A yearly tradition in the yearbook is to also have a page or so designated to baby pictures of 8th graders

Newspaper ClubMembers in newspaper club write articles in the Lakeview school newspaper, "The Spartan Scroll". Members in the club interview teachers, interview students, write about different activities students are participating in school, write about national and/or global events, write about sports, include puzzles for readers, and sometimes have restaurant reviews. The "Scroll" comes out every month-(even though it may skip around on certain occasions).

Drama ClubMembers in this club practice many times in the spring to prepare for their only play of the year. Members have to audition to get roles. Every year there is a performance. The show may include dancing, singing, and just acting parts. Drama club was run by the 8th grade Language Arts teacher, but after she retired in the spring of 2007, the Drama club has been run by the school music teacher, and the 6th grade Language Arts teacher.

Past Performances include:
*Cactus Pass (May 2006)
*Romeo and Winifred (Spring 2007)
*The Music Man Junior (May 2008)

Lakeview ChoirIn the choir, students sing music, and perform at school concerts, and sometimes in other places, such as singing for the holidays in a mall.

Science ClubThis is perhaps the smallest and least known club at Lakeview. Having a maximum of 25 students, it is led by the 6th grade science teacher. Past activities include Lego cars, slime molds, and of course, Bottle Rockets.

"Nonclub" Groups

Leader Ship TeamThis "club" isn't really a club. It is a group of purposely selected students who are good at "leadership". These students go on some trips and work with the student concil to help organize events in the school. Leadership team members also show a tour to 5th graders coming into Lakeview.

Project ChallengeThis "club" is also not a club. Project Challenge is a small group of selected advanced students that meet together and either discuss things such as books, or work on projects. There are three Project Challenge groups at Lakeview, one for each grade.

Art... is really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the teacher is so cool. thanks i like lakeview and idk my bff jill

Lakeview Bands

6th Grade Band- Lakeview Concert Band7th Grade Band- Lakeview Symphonic Band8th Grade Band- Lakeview Wind Esmble =

Yearly Activities

This section is under construction. Please be patient, and this will be updated soon.

Lakeview has many yearly activities all throughout the whole entire school year. Here are most of them.

*3 Screen MovieIn the beginning of the school year, students usually watch a movie about different things to help them with their futures. These movies are presented on three gigantic screens which the movie is projected on. The movie is projected as a whole screen, but more often plays slightly different scenes on each screen. Movies may talk about how to deal with peer pressure, friends, how to stay focused at school, etc.

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After School Year Activities

summer school

Famous People Who Went to Lakeview

*Miglė Drąsutavičiutė: Model, actor, and character in CBS show Kid Nation

Other Interesting Facts About Lakeview

*Since the 1970s when the school was built, there were very small changes at all in the Consumer Ed. classroom. The classroom was completely remodeled during the summer of 2007.
*The same year of the remmodeling of the room, the Consumer Ed. teacher retired.
*The remodeling of the Consumer Ed room was extremely intense. [The remodeling consisted of taking out the center wall (the room originally had a "island wall" in the middle of the room with built in closets and desk for the teacher), removal of the five original mini-kitchens to replace them with 6 slightly smaller ones (new ovens, sinks, etc were used in the remodeling as well as taking out the separting walls that separated the kitchens from one another), and taking out the half-room lond desk/tables built in with sewing machines, to replace them with circular tables with chairs circling them (this was done as some of the sewing machines weren't operating correctly in some circumstances)
*Lakeview's outside is nearly all painted yellow on a metallic material . The only non-yellow part of the school is the outside walls of the main edition (the new gym and science addition). The trim around the windows are all green.

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* [ District Webpage]
* [ Lakeview Webpage]

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