Suicide (disambiguation)

Suicide (disambiguation)

Suicide may refer to:
* Suicide, the act of intentionally ending one's own life
* Suicide (book), an 1897 study on suicide by French sociologist Émile Durkheim


* Suicide (band), an American punk band intermittently active since the early 1970s
** Suicide (album), the first studio album by American punk band Suicide, released in 1977
* Suicide (Paul McCartney song), an unreleased song by Paul McCartney.
* Suicide (game), a type of street game that involves the bouncing of a ball against a wall
* Suicidal Tendencies, an American band formed in 1982 in Venice, California
* Suicide Commando, a Belgian dark electro musical act fronted by Johan Van Roy
* Suicide, a song by Bobby Gaylor


* Suicide (Suvorov), a book by Viktor Suvorov about German preparations for the war with the Soviet Union

Other uses

* Suicide (breakdance move)
* A car with both headlights out, especially in reference to the car game Padiddle
* A soft drink produced by combining several different kinds of soft drinks available.
* An intense, fast-paced, repeating running drill used commonly in athletic training
* Antichess, a chess variant
* A trick on the diabolo in which the player lets go of one hand and spins the diabolo freely
* A car door hinged on the trailing edge is known as a suicide door
* An intensity of spice on chicken wings.
* In platforming video games, the act of intentionally losing a life.

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