Pocket trumpet

Pocket trumpet

trumpet, with the same playing range as the regular trumpet. It is a non-standard instrument, not to be found in orchestral brass sections and is generally regarded as a novelty. The tubing is wound more tightly than that of a standard trumpet to reduce its size while retaining the instrument's range. It is used mostly by trumpet players as a practice instrument; something they can throw in a suitcase and take with them when their standard trumpets would be awkward to carry. Although not having a reputation as a serious orchestral instrument, it has occasionally been used in jazz or other ensembles to add flair and variety.

History, design and properties

The concept of reducing the brass instrument size without reducing the resonating tube length can be seen in several 19th century models of cornet. "Pocket cornets" have been constructed since the 1860s, supposedly used in marching bands.

The variation in design among pocket trumpets makes tonal characteristics and playability extremely variable from model to model. Yet there are two basic design approaches to pocket trumpets:

# Reduced bell and bore size design
# Standard bell and bore size design

The models with reduced bell and bore size design originate in 19th century pocket cornet design and regularly suffer from poor intonation and severely hindered dynamic and timbral range. As the bell is not the standard sized, no standard mute can be applied.

The models with standard bell and bore size design originally appeared in the USA in the early 1970s, mostly following the ingenious design of master trumpet builder "Louis Duda". The intonation is radically improved and the dynamic range is of a standard trumpet, although the tonal quality, projection and articulation are different. Apart from often being used for practicing purposes, pocket trumpets are mostly played as auxiliary instruments by soloists in jazz and dixieland bands as well as for some specific studio recording demands. Perhaps the best-known work with the pocket trumpet is Don Cherry's playing on Ornette Coleman's groundbreaking 1960 album "".

tandard features

* Bell Diameter: 4.75 inches
* Bore: Medium-Large Bore .460"
* Height: 6.5 inches
* Length: 9.5 inches

Common Manufacturers and Models

Ranked by Cost, Lowest to Highest
*Amati ATR 314 Bmusic|flat (Czech Republic)
*Jupiter 416 Bmusic|flat (Taiwan)
*Holton T650 Bmusic|flat (United States)
*Benge Colibri Bmusic|flat (United States)
*Kanstul CCT-905 Bmusic|flat (United States)
*Marcinkiewicz Vermeer Bmusic|flat (United States)

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