PaDauk Pin Lal

PaDauk Pin Lal

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"PaDauk Pin Lal" or PaDauk Sea is a 2003 Myanmar musical drama film.


(… There is no padauk tree by the seaside … the sea cannot reach the place where the padauk tree lay …… Padauk and the sea … exists only in separate places …… But … at an unexpected moment …… Padauk and … the sea … met…… Once… there was sea … filled with Padauk Flowers… The start of the story… of that Padauk filled sea… is…Nay Min … known by many …as Ko Min… )

Nay Min is a young businessman leading many companies and hotel businesses. Because of his wealth and his society, he left alone from Yangon and went to Ngwe Saung Beach last Thingyan New Year Water Festival. Nay Min wants to live freely as a young person like his peers in his age group. Thus, he temporarily forgot his position as a wealthy “U Nay Min” to pose himself off as a young man “Min Nay” who had enjoyed the Ngwe Saung Thingyan Water Festival freely and happily.

That’s also, where he met a ladies group lead by a young woman known as “Ein Darae Shin”. As attachment grew between them, they agreed to meet at next year’s Thingyan Water Festival likewise. But they did not truthfully share who they really were.

But as Nay Min was interested in Ein Darae Shin, he tried the whole year to find out who she really was but he found no clues about her identity even though how hard he tries.

Time passed and this year’s Thingyan Water Festival has arrived. As per their agreement, Nay Min came to Ngwe Saung Beach. To liven up the Ngwe Saung Thingyan Water Festival, he prearranged Beautiful Floating Boats, New Year Group Dances, and also including Zaw Win Htut and his Emperor Rock Group. But he did not let any one know it was he who had arranged all this.

The next day, Ein Darae Shin and friends arrived to Ngwe Saung Beach. Though they have arrived, Nay Min was confused as Ein Darae Shin denies ever knowing him and claimed that she was not the one who arranged to meet this year.

Nay Min does not know what to do. But after a while he realized that Ein Darae Shin and group were purposely denying the whole thing. At last, Ein Darae Shin admitted that because her brother Zan Zar Bo came along with them this trip, she had to put on this pretence.

When Nay Min express his love for Ein Darae Shin and ask for her answer, she gave him at the next day. After acknowledging their love, Nay Min told Ein Darae Shin the truth about himself. And that’s where the whole thing went wrong. Ein Darae Shin was very angry with Nay Min for lying to her all along. She was very ashamed that she had really believed him all this while. And stated that she will never forgive him. Though how much Nay Min tried to explain to her, Ein Darae Shin bitterly refused him and told him flat that she hates liars.

Nay Min had never thought that a women’s shame could go beyond all this depth. But when he realized this, there was no way he could explain himself out of the situation. Nay Min let go of any hope.

On the day when he planned to leave Ngwe Saung beach, Nay Min decided to go the place where they had pledge their love, for the last time. And he was very surprised to see his father and a crowd of people there.

Nay Min’s father told him that his marriage preparations have all been arranged. And Ein Darae Shin was standing there with a winner’s smile. Ko Min was so surprised he could not believe what is happening before his eyes.

His father confessed that he orchestrated this whole story from the beginning to an end. It was as if his father and Ein Darae Shin planned to teach Nay Min a lesson.

While they were away from each other within the one-year period, though Nay Min could not find out anything about Ein Darae Shin, she was able to find out who Nay Min really was.

Well, Nay Min was the last to know about it. But still the story had a happy ending.

And … the padauk flowers filled the sea …floating on its surface…

Enjoy the movie dedicated to the coming of the Myanmar Thingyan New Year Water Festival.


*Yar Zar Nay Win
*Zaw Wan
*Tun Eaindra Bo
*Zaw Win Htut

International release

It is released in Mar 14 2003.


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