Locke (surname)

Locke (surname)

Locke is a common Western surname of English origin, and may refer to:
*Alain LeRoy Locke (1885–1954), African American educator, writer, and philosopher.
*David Ross Locke (1833–1888), American journalist and humourist, also known by the pseudonym Petroleum V. Nasby
*Dean Jewett Locke (1823–1887), doctor, founder of Lockeford, California
*Edwin A. Locke, Professor of Psychology, internationally known for the Goal-setting theory developed with G. Latham
*Gary Locke, disambiguation page
*John Locke (disambiguation):*John Locke (1632–1704), English philosopher:*John Locke (American Professor) (1792–1856):*John Locke (Canadian politician) (1825–1873), a Nova Scotia Senator 1867—1873:*John Locke (Massachusetts), member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1823–1829:*John Locke (musician), (1943–2006) former member of the jazz-hard rock band "Spirit":*John Locke (poet) (1847–1889), Irish poet, novelist and journalist whose best known poem is "Dawn on the Irish Coast"
*Joseph Locke (1805–1860), English civil engineer, particularly associated with railway projects
*Keith Locke (b.1944), New Zealand Member of Parliament for the Green Party of Aotearoa, New Zealand
*Kimberley Locke (b.1978), competitor in second season of American Idol
*Lewis Locke, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient.
*Matthew Locke (composer) (ca. 1621 – 1677), English Baroque composer.
*Sondra Locke (b.1947), American actor
*William John Locke (1863–1930), English author

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