The term fraudience is a portmanteau derived from the terms "fraud" and "audience". It generally applies to audiences on infomercials who, although supposedly unbiased and uninformed about the product, are in fact paid to cheer, gasp, and exclaim their joy and wonder about the product in question on cue. It is a marketing tool used to help build the impression in the minds of viewers that other people find the product to be of high quality and usefulness, in order to sway would-be buyers. television critic Heather Havrilesky has used the term to describe the audiences for shows with a live-performance element, such as Rock Star, that appear to be composed of casting-agency extras rather than genuine fans who purchased tickets to the show out of real interest in the proceedings.

The term also has use in a political context, when politicians seed press conferences, 'town hall' meetings, and similar events with an audience that is generally supportive of their political party, while denying access to supporters of opposing political parties.

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