Peščenica - Žitnjak

Peščenica - Žitnjak

Peščenica - Žitnjak (IPA2|peʂˈ͡tʂeni͡tsa ˈʒiʔɲak) is a city district in the southeastern part of Zagreb, Croatia. It consists of two parts: Peščenica, a set of neighborhoods; and Žitnjak, a large industrial zone on the city outskirts, and has a total population of 58,283.

The smaller neighbourhoods that form the core of Peščenica include:
* Stara Peščenica
* Donje Svetice
* Volovčica
* Ferenščica

These neighborhoods are delineated by major city arterials, such as the Slavonska Avenue and Vukovarska Avenue.

To the northeast, towards Donja Dubrava, there are:
* Borongaj Lugovi
* Vukomerec

To the southwest, towards Trnje, there are:
* Borovje
* Folnegovićevo naselje

The places in the outer rim, around and beyond Žitnjak, include:
* Kozari Bok
* Kozari putevi
* Savica-Šanci
* Petruševec
* Struge
* Resnik
* Ivanja Reka


Stara Peščenica and Volovčica were first planned in 1913 and built after World War I. Donje Svetice, Ferenščica, Borongaj, Folnegovićevo naselje and Vukomerec were started then and built up mostly after World War II.

Resnik and Ivanja Reka were previously villages, and their first mention dates from 1217. They were urbanized after World War II, particularly in the 1980s.


Peščenica has been made famous locally by its resident and self-proclaimed president Željko Malnar, a maverick traveler, author and talk show host.

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