Suspense (disambiguation)

Suspense (disambiguation)

Suspense refers to the condition of being suspended, or to a feeling of anticipation or anxiety arising from an unknown outcome or uncertain situation. It also may refer to:

* "Suspense" (1913 film), a 1913 silent film
* "Suspense" (1946 film), a 1946 film starring Barry Sullivan
* "Suspense" (radio program), an American radio anthology series
* "Suspense" (US TV series), an American television anthology series that featured many performers, including Dana Wynter
* "Suspense" (UK TV series), a British television anthology series
* "Suspense Digest", an Urdu magazine in Pakistan

ee also

*Suspense account, a type of temporary account in accounting
*Suspension (disambiguation)
*Thriller (genre)

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