Shake, Rattle and Roll 9

Shake, Rattle and Roll 9

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name = Shake, Rattle and Roll 9

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director = Paul Daza
Michael Tuviera
Toppel Lee
producer = Lily Monteverde
writer =
narrator =
starring = John Prats
Roxanne Guinoo
Matt Evans
Nash Aguas
Dennis Trillo and
Katrina Halili
Melissa Ricks
Gina Alajar
Pauleen Luna and Lovi Poe
for the complete cast see below
music =
cinematography =
editing =
distributor = Regal Films
released = December 25 2007
runtime = 138 min.
country = Philippines
language = Filipino / Tagalog
budget =
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imdb_id = 1042910

"Shake, Rattle & Roll 9" is a Filipino horror-comedy film released in 2007 and the ninth installment of the Shake, Rattle & Roll film series. It is also distributed by Regal Films. It is an entry of the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival



After recovering from their father’s tragic death, Stephen (Nash Aguas), together with sisters Hazel (Lovi Poe) and Eunice (Sophia Marie Baars) joins their mother Myrna (Gina Alajar) to spend a wonderful Christmas vacation with their dear Lola Susana (Boots Anson Roa) and Uncle Jong (John Prats).

As the whole family joyfully celebrates the upcoming holiday season, little did they know that the eerie looking Christmas tree in their living room was also watching them with its blood hungry eyes waiting for the right timing to turn each family member into its Grand Christmas feast.


Young and beautiful Marionne (Roxanne Guinoo) is helplessly in love with the ultra serious Jerome (Dennis Trillo). Unfortunately, Marionne finds out that Jerome is about to get married to Florence (Pauleen Luna). Sensing that time is running out for Marionne, One night she decides confront Jerome on her true feelings, but as soon as she’s about to confess, a ghostly phantom figure wearing a red cloak begins to haunt them. As the horrendous haunting ensues Marionne and Jerome find themselves trapped in a twilight zone nightmare and soon Marionne will discover that shocking truth she has a personal connection with the red cloaked phantom that haunts them.


A teenage gothic band is bound for a gig in a remote province. Unfortunately, Hans (Jojo Alejar) the band’s manager seems to have left the map to their destination and find themselves lost in a thick eerie forest. Vince (Mart Escudero) the coolie band leader and vocalist begins to whine on Hans’ incompetence and decides to kill his boredom by bullying the good guy band roadie Richard (Matt Evans). Seeing this, Dang (Melissa Ricks) Vince’s soon to be ex-girlfriend scolds Vince’s awful treatment to Richard and gives him a piercing cold look. Meanwhile band couples Tonee (Jewel Mische) and Ian (Felix Roco) are busy playing the “ I love you and hate you” relationship charade.

But things start going amiss when the band finds themselves lost in the forest and takes refuge to an abandoned resort. Unknown to them they have trespassed into the territory, of the sexy and alluring Engkanto (Katrina Halili) and has already bound them into an inescapable deathly spell. But the truth is the Engkanto actually wants one of the band boys, She also kidnapped a boy named Paeng (Sam Concepcion).


* Elton John, Jong's Parrot (eaten by the Christmas Tree)
* Gordon, Eunice's Giraffe Doll (eaten by the Christmas Tree)
* Yaya Sonny (eaten by the Christmas Tree)
* Mark Jayssel Lucelo (eaten by the Christmas Tree)

* Marionne's Grandfather (Died in a Bangungot)
* Eugene Domingo's Role (killed by the Red Phantom)
* Marionne (Died when performing a spell)
* Jerome (Marionne never left him return to the real world where he died)

* Ian (Bitten by the Engkanto)
* Tonee (Choked to Death by the Engkanto)
* Hans (Killed by the Engkanto)
* The Fat Band-Helper (Killed by the Engkanto's Slaves)
* Richard (Taken by the Engkanto, Possibly killed?)



*John Prats as Uncle Jong
*Nash Aguas as Stephen
*Gina Alajar as Myrna
*Lovi Poe as Hazel
*Boots Anson Roa as Lola Susana
*Sophia Marie Baars as Eunice
*Tonton Gutierrez as Chuck
*John Lapus as Yaya Sonny the all around gay house helper


*Dennis Trillo as Jerome
*Roxanne Guinoo as Marionne/ The Red Cloaked Phantom
*Pauleen Luna as Florence
*Jaymee Joaquin as Tatin
*Jayson Gainza as Tonton
*Andrea Torres
*Eugene Domingo


*Katrina Halili as Engkanto
*Matt Evans as Richard
*Melissa Ricks as Dang
*Mart Escudero as Vince
*Sam Concepcion as Paeng
*Jewel Mische as Tonee
*Jeoff Monzon as Carlo
*Felix Roco as Ian
*Jojo Alejar as Hans
*CJ Cauntay as Ashley
*Nanding Josef
*Hector Macaso


*Best Child Actor - Nash Aguas (MMFF)
*Third Best Picture (MMFF)
*New Movie of the Year (2008) - Lovi Poe (24th PMPC Star Awards for Movies)

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