Swallow (disambiguation)

Swallow (disambiguation)

Swallow may refer to:
*Swallow, one of several insectivorous birds in the family Hirundinidae
**In particular, in Europe, the Barn Swallow
*Swallow tattoo, a popular tattoo
*Swallow (pigeon), a breed of domestic pigeon
*Swallow (comics) a comic from IDW Publishing
*"Swallows and Amazons", a 1930 book by Arthur Ransome
** Swallows and Amazons (series), the series it spawned
*Wave the Swallow, a Sonic the Hedgehog character from Sonic Riders
*Swallow Hotels, a British hotel chain
*"Blue Swallow" (film), a 2005 South Korean film
*"Golden Swallow" (film), a 1968 Hong Kong film

In vehicles:
*"Swallow", a GWR Iron Duke Class steam railway locomotive
*Swallow (car), a make of British car by Swallow Sidecar Company
*de Havilland DH 108 "Swallow", a tailess swept wing experimental aircraft
*British Aircraft Swallow, a light aircaft
*Messerschmitt Me 262 "Swallow"; the world's first turbojet fighter, used by Germany in WWII
*Swallow Doretti, a two-seater sports car
*USS Swallow, a number of ships in the American Navy
*HMS|Swallow, the name of 32 ships of the Royal Navy
*Swallow Airplane Company, a 1920s pioneering aviation company in Wichita, Kansas

In music:
*Swallow (band), a band
*Swallows (band), a Portland O.R. post-modern rock duo
*The Swallows (CA), a Canadian Rock / Pop / Experimental Band
*The Swallows, a doo wop group
*"Swallow" (song), a song by British band Sleeper
*"Swallow the Cure", a demo from the band Droid
*"Swallow My Pride", a song by Green Day
*Swallow Records, a record label
*"Swallow, Smile", a song by Franz Ferdinand
*Swallow the Sun, a Finnish melodic doom metal/death metal band
*"Swallow This", an album by Poison
*"Swallow This Live", a live album by Poison
*Hard to Swallow, fifth studio album by Vanilla Ice
*Kiss + Swallow, the debut album by IAMX
*"Night of the Swallow", a song by Kate Bush
*"Too Hard to Swallow", an album by UGK

In sports:
*Dingli Swallows, a Maltese football (soccer) club
*Mbabane Swallows, a Swazi football (soccer) team
*Moroka Swallows, a South African football (soccer) club
*Silver Swallow, a racehorse
*Tokyo Yakult Swallows, a Japanese baseball club

In places:
*Swallow Falls, a large waterfall in Wales
*Swallow Falls State Park, a state park in Maryland
*Swallow, Lincolnshire is a village in Lincolnshire, England
*Swallow's Nest (Crimea), a monument in the Ukraine
*Swallow Reef, a Malysian atoll
*Swallows Wood, a nature reserve in Britain
*Cave of Swallows, a pit cave in Mexico

In surnames:
*Andrew Swallow (born 1987), Australian Rules Football player
*Barry Swallow (born 1942), British footballer
*Ellen Swallow Richards (1842-1911), American chemist, nee Ellen Swallow
*Ian Swallow, a British cricketer
*James Swallow, British author
*Jerod Swallow, American figure skater
*Jodie Swallow, British triathlete
*Ray Swallow (born 1935), British cricketer and footballer
*Ricky Swallow (born 1974), Australian sculptor
*Roger Swallow (born 1946), British music producer
*Silas C. Swallow (1839 - 1930), American preacher and politician
*Steve Swallow (born 1940), American jazz bassist and composer

ee also

*Swallowing, ingestion through muscular action of the esophagus

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