Lake Volvi

Lake Volvi

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location = Thessaloniki prefecture
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basin_countries = Greece
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area = 68 km²
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max-depth =
volume =
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Bolbe "He Bolbe limne", Greek: Λίμνη Βόλβη, modern: "Limni Volvi", South Slavic: Бешичко Езеро, "Besicko Ezero") was the name of a lake in Mygdonia, located at no great distance from the Aegean Sea. It is about 12 miles in length, and 6 or 8 miles in breadth. The lake emptied itself into the Strymon Gulf by means of a stream flowing through the pass once known as Aulon or Arethusa. The name of the stream is not mentioned by Thucydides in his description, but it is evidently the same as the Erechios (Romanized as "Rechius") in Procopius ("de Aedificiis", 4.4). Among the smaller streams flowing into the lake we find mention of the Ammites and the Olynthiakos. The perch ("labrach") of the lake were particularly admired by the gastronomic poet Archestratus.

There was also a town named Bolbos (Romanized as "Bolbus") located near the lake. Today, there are a number of towns incorporating Vólvi in their name, situated along the lake. It is not known exactly if any of these modern towns correspond to the site of ancient Bolbos.

The lake is now known as Lake Vólvi, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece. It is located east of Lake Koronia (Lake Lagkada). The northern part of the lake is run by Via Egnatia and the old highway to the south. West is the narrows of Rentina, also known as the Macedonian Tempe since it looked like the valley of Tempe. Lake Volvi is the second largest lake in Greece. The area is 68 km² and the depth is 20 m. The municipalities with shores on the lake are Rentina, Madytos, Apollonia, Egnatia, and Sochos.

About a million years ago, Lake Volvi along with Lake Kerkinis and the entire Mygdonia was a huge lake.

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