St Andrews (disambiguation)

St Andrews (disambiguation)

The element St Andrew, St. Andrews or St. Andrew's is found in the names of many places and institutions. All of them are named after Saint Andrew, a Christian saint and one of the New Testament Apostles, and were often founded by Scottish people as Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

British Isles

* the Saint Andrew's Cross (or saltire), the national flag of Scotland or the Russian naval ensign
* the Royal Burgh of St Andrews, a coastal town in Fife, Scotland
** The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, a world-famous golf club based in the above town
** University of St Andrews, a university in Fife, Scotland
** St Andrews Castle, Fife, Scotland
* St. Andrew's House, Edinburgh, headquarters of the Scottish Executive
* St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, Scotland
* Saint Andrew's High School, a Catholic high school outside Glasgow, Scotland
* St Andrews, Orkney a parish on the island of Orkney, Scotland
* St Andrews, Bristol, a suburb of Bristol, England
* St Andrews (stadium), the home stadium of Birmingham City football club
* St. Andrew's College (Dublin), a private international secondary school in Ireland
* St. Andrews Major, a village parish in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
* St Andrew's, Guernsey, a parish in the Channel Islands
* St Andrews High School, A high school in Worthing
* St Andrews Catholic School, A secondary School in Leatherhead, Surrey.


* St. Andrew's, Malta, an informal district in St. Julian's

North America


* St. Andrews Heights, Calgary, a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta
* St. Andrews, Manitoba
* St. Andrews, New Brunswick, also known as "St. Andrews-by-the-Sea"
* St. Andrew (electoral district), in Ontario
* St. Andrew's College (Aurora, Ontario), an all-boys independent boarding school
* St. Andrew (TTC), a subway station in Toronto

United States

* St. Andrew's School (Delaware), a boarding school in Middletown, Delaware
* St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Maryland), in Potomac, Maryland
* St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Mississippi), in Jackson, Mississippi
* St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Texas), in Austin, Texas
* St. Andrews, South Carolina, a city
* St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC
* St. Andrew's Society of Charleston, South Carolina, the first known immigrant Scottish society
* New Saint Andrews College, a classical Christian college located in Moscow, Idaho
* St. Andrews Parish, Roanoke, VA, On the National Register of Historic Places


* Saint Andrew Parish, the name of parishes in several Caribbean nations

outh America

* St. Andrew's Scots School, Argentina



* "St. Andrew's University", or Momoyama Gakuin University, a private university in Izumi, Osaka


* St. Andrew's School (Parañaque), a private college preparatory parochial school in La Huerta, Parañaque City

Australia and New Zealand


* St Andrews, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney
* Saint Andrews, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne

New Zealand

* St Andrews, New Zealand, a town in South Canterbury
* St Andrews, Hamilton, a suburb in Hamilton.

ee also

* St. Andrew's Church (disambiguation page)
* St. Andrew's Cathedral (disambiguation page)
* San Andrés (disambiguation page)
* San Andreas (disambiguation page)
* St Andrews Agreement
* Saint Andrew's Cross (BDSM), a kind of bondage furniture

Other saints who share this name include:
*Saint Andrew Corsini (San Andrea Corsini)
*Saint Andrew of Crete
* Saint Andrew of Crete (martyr)
* Saint Andrew of Constantinople
* Saints Andrew Dung-Lac An Tran, Andrew Thong Kim Nguyen, Andrew Trong Van Tram, and Andrew Tuong of the Vietnamese Martyrs
* Saint Andrew Kim Taegon of the Korean Martyrs
*Saint Andrew the Scot
*Andrew of Lampsacus
*Andrew Avellino

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