Atlantic-Congo languages

Atlantic-Congo languages

Infobox Language family
region=subsaharan Africa
child1=? Senufo
child3=Talodi–Heiban (Kordofanian)
child5=Senegal (northern Atlantic)
child6=Limba–Mel (southern Atlantic)
child8="Bijago" (Atlantic)

In the classification of African languages, Atlantic-Congo constitutes the core of the Niger-Congo family, with the noun class systems stereotypical of Niger-Congo. It comprises all of Niger-Congo but Mande, Dogon, Ijoid, and at part of Kordofanian. Mukarovsky's West-Nigritic corresponded roughly to modern Atlantic-Congo.

The Atlantic-Congo languages outside Kordofan have traditionally been divided into Atlantic and Volta-Congo branches, but it is doubtful that either is a valid genealogical node.

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