Bag O Rags

Bag O Rags

Bag O' Rags (M.V. Ar Bageergan).

‘"Ar Bageergan"’, the name means ‘"the eye of the wind"’, was built as a Breton "’tunny’" boat in Le Guilvenic, SW Brittany in 1973.

She worked as a tuna boat and also as a crabber during the off season. She was retired from fishing in France after ten years and sold to a fisherman in Newlyn, Cornwall. He worked her until 2000 as a drift netter catching cod off SW Ireland, hake and other types of prime fish in the South West approaches and tuna in the Bay of Biscay.
She still holds the port landing record set in March 1987. 3600 stones of fish caught in three days fishing over wrecks during the neap tides.

She was sold in 2003 and was brought into Penzance, stripped out and converted into a live aboard.
The ‘"Bag O’ Rags"’ was the pet name used by fishermen in Newlyn, mainly as they had trouble pronouncing her Breton name! In S.W. Cork, Ireland she was known as the ‘"Grab a Granee"’!

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