Ibrahim Meraachli

Ibrahim Meraachli

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yearsactive = 1967-2004
location = Lebanon
deathdate = September 15, 2004
deathplace = Beirut, Lebanon

Ibrahim Meraachli ( _ar. ابراهيم مرعشلي; ?-September 15, 2004) was a famous Lebanese actor known for Lebanese made TV series such as "Al mouaallima wal oustaz" (The teacher and the professor), "Ibrahim Afandi" and "Captain Bob".


Ibrahim Meraachli's career began on theaters in the late 60's, in the crew of Hassan Alaa Eddin, also known as "Chouchou". His unique comical style and gestures, paired with an outstanding personality, gained him the love and respect of the public. After several successful productions, he began his acting career on Television, where he was quickly made the main character of the shows. The Lebanese civil war had then begun, but Meraachli's professional career wasn't affected by the deteriorating situation in the country. During the 80's, Ibrahim made some of his most memorable shows, like "Ibrahim Afandi" (Mr.Ibrahim) where he depicts a humorous police officer, "Captain Bob" as an airplane pilot, and "Al mouaallima wal oustaz" where he plays the role of a teacher who tries to marry another teacher, played by Hind Abi-Llamaa, in a private school that teaches adults the basics of Arabic language.

He was so popular that he even tried to run for MP in the 90's, although he didn't really have a chance in a country whose MPs where then carefully selected by Syrian authorities.

In the year 2004, Ibrahim Meraachli's health deteriorated. He was admitted to an hospital where he fell in a coma. He died several months later, in 15 September 2004.


Meraachli has won several awards.



* Chouchou Bek fi Sawfar (Master Chouchou in Sawfar)
* Aadas wa caviar (Beans and Caviar)
* Hayt Ej Jiran (The wall of the neighbors)
* Wselet Lal 99 (I reached the 99)

TV Series

* Captain Bob
* Ibrahim Afandi (Mr. Ibrahim)
* Al Mouaallima Wal Oustaz (The teacher and the professor)
* Burj El Hobb (The tower of love)
* Secretarit El Baba (Dad's secretary)


* Ajmal Iyam Hayati (The best days of my life)


* The adventures of Sindbad (Anime)


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