H2, H02, H-2, or HII may refer to:
* Hydrogen-2, H-2, 2H (a.k.a. Deuterium), an isotope of Hydrogen (1 proton, 1 neutron, 1 electron)
* H2 the molecular hydrogen constituted with 2 Hydrogen atoms
* H-2 BVR-AAM, a Pakistani air-to-air missile
* H2 (DBMS), an open source Java SQL DBMS
* H02 locomotive (Germany), a 1930 high-pressure steam locomotive
* "H2" (manga), a baseball manga by Mitsuru Adachi
* H II region, a cloud in which star formation takes place
* H-II, H-IIA and H-IIB, three families of liquid-fuelled rockets
* H-II Transfer Vehicle, a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency unmanned spacecraft
* H-2A Visa, a United States visa for temporary or seasonal agricultural work
** H-2 Worker, a 1990 documentary film about the exploitation of workers in Florida's sugar cane industry
* ATC code H02, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
* British NVC community H2, a heath community in the British National Vegetation Classification system
* DSC-H2, a 2006 Sony Cyber-shot H series camera
* Highway H02 (Ukraine), a
* Histamine H2 receptor
* HMAS Success (H02), a 1913 Royal Australian Navy Admiralty S class destroyer
* HMS Exmouth (H02), a 1934 British Royal Navy E class destroyer
* HMS H2, a 1915 British Royal Navy H class submarine
* Hummer H2, a car model
* Interstate H-2, a highway in Hawaii
* Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750, a Kawasaki motorcycle model
* Landgraf H-2, a 1944 American single-seat twin-rotor helicopter
* LB&SCR H2 class, a British
* London Buses route H2
* PRR H2, an American
* Saxon XII H2, a 1922 German steam locomotive
* Sloane H-2, an aircraft, base for the Standard H-2 design
* Standard H-2, a 1916 early American Army reconnaissance aircraft
* USS H-2 (SS-29), a 1913 United States Navy H-class submarineand also :
* Other inflammation of eyelid code
* SH-2 Seasprite, an American helicopter
* H2, the second half of the business year
* H-2, the mouse equivalent of the human leukocyte antigen
* "Halloween II", a horror film commonly abbreviated as "H2"
* "Halo 2", a video game for the Xbox, created and developed by Bungie
* Sky Airline IATA code
* HII, the IATA airport code for Lake Havasu City Airport
* Harrison Number Two, an 18th century marine chronometer
* "Hollywood Squares", referred to as "H2" informally during the 2002-2004 seasons

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