Kiowa language

Kiowa language

region= southwestern Oklahoma
speakers=1,000+ (2000 census)

Kiowa is a Kiowa-Tanoan language spoken by the Kiowa Tribe in southwestern Oklahoma in primarily Caddo, Kiowa, and Comanche counties. The Kiowa tribal center is located in Carnegie. Like most North American languages, Kiowa is an endangered language.


Laurel Watkins noted in 1984 based on Parker McKenzie's estimates that only about 400 people (mostly over the age of 50) could speak Kiowa and that only rarely were children learning language. A more recent figure from McKenzie is 300 adult speakers of "varying degrees of fluency" reported by Mithun (1999) out of a 12,242 Kiowa tribal membership (US Census 2000).


Genealogical relations


The 23 consonants of Kiowa:


Kiowa has phonemic "oral", "nasal", "short", and "long" vowels. Kiowa also has four diphthongs of the form "vowel" + IPA|/j/.


Kiowa orthography was developed by native speaker Parker McKenzie had worked with J. P. Harrington and later with other linguists. The development of the orthography is detailed in Meadows & McKenzie (2001). The tables below show each orthographic symbol used in the Kiowa writing system and its corresponding phonetic value (written IPA).


Mithun (1999:445) gives as an example "unicode|chē̂" "horse/two horses" (Class I) made plural with the addition of "-gau": "unicode|chē̂gau" "horses". On the other hand, the Class II noun "unicode|t" "bones/two bones" is made singular by suffixing "-gau": "unicode|tsègau" "bone."


Kiowa verbs consist of verb stems that can be preceded by prefixes, followed by suffixes, and incorporate other lexical stems into the verb complex. Kiowa verb have a complex active-stative pronominal system expressed via prefixes. These prefixes can be followed by incorporated nouns, verbs, or adverbs. Following the main verb stem are suffixes that indicate tense/aspect and mode. A final group of suffixes that pertain to clausal relations can follow the tense-aspect-modal suffixes. These syntactic suffixes include relativizers, subordinating conjunctions, and switch-reference indicators. A skeletal representation of the Kiowa verb structure can be represented as the following:





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