Kuy language

Kuy language

Kuy language (also known as Soui or Kuay) (Khmer: ភាសាគួយ) is a Katuic language, part of the larger Austroasiatic family.

Kuy is one of the most important languages of the Mon-Khmer family. It is spoken in northeastern Thailand by about 300,000 people; in Salavanh, Savannakhet and Xekong provinces of Laos by about 64,000; and in Preah Vihear, Stung Treng and Kampong Thom provinces of northeastern Cambodia by 15,500 people.

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*Mann, N., & Markowski, L. (2004). "A rapid appraisal survey of Kuy dialects spoken in Cambodia". Chiang Mai: Dept. of Linguistics, Graduate School, Payap University.

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*List of ethnic groups in Cambodia

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* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=kdt Ethnologue: Kuy]

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