32nd General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

32nd General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 32nd General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from March 28 1894 to June 25 1897. The Liberal Party led by Frederick Peters formed the government.

In 1894, the Legislative Council was combined with the House of Assembly into a unicameral body known as the Legislative Assembly. An assemblyman and councillor was elected from each electoral district.

There were four sessions of the 32nd General Assembly:



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* [http://www.electionspei.ca/provincial/historical/results/results.php?sortorder=district&elections%5b%5d=1893-12-13 Election results for the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly, 1893-12-13]
* [http://www.ourroots.ca/e/toc.aspx?id=1441 "Prince Edward Island, garden province of Canada", WH Crosskill (1904)]

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