French (surname)

French (surname)

French is or was the family name of the following:

*French, Alfred Willard, born 1862, died 1925, inventor, founder of the French Oil Mill Machinery Company, Piqua, Ohio
*French, Jr., Alfred Willard, born 1903, died 1992, inventor, President and later Chairman of the Board of the French Oil Mill Machinery Company, Piqua, Ohio
*French, Anthony (born 1920), MIT physics professor
*French, Alexander (born 1980), Hong Kong cricketer
*French, Bob, American drummer
*French, Brett, Australian rugby league footballer
*French, Charles K. (1860-1952), American actor
*Daniel French, various including
**French, Daniel, American steamboat pioneer
**French, Daniel Chester (1850-1931), American sculptor
*French, Daniel Phelps, born 1943, Lt Col, USAFR (Ret), President and Chairman of the Board of the French Oil Mill Machinery Company, Piqua, Ohio
*French, David (born 1939), Canadian playwright
*French, Dawn (born 1957), British comedian
*French, Domingo (1774-1825), revolutionary of the May Revolution in the current Argentina
*French, Elizabeth B. (fl. 2000s), British archaeologist
*French, Emma Lee (1836-1897), British-American settler
*French, Fred F. (1883-1936), American real estate entrepreneur
*French, Gary, Australian rugby league footballer
*French, George (1841-1921), Canadian law-enforcement officer
*French, Grace Albers, born 1870, died 1971, graduate of Knox College, wife of Alfred Willard French, who founded the French Oil Mill Machinery Company
*French, Heather (fl. 2000s), American beauty queen
*French, Ian, Australian rugby league footballer
*Janes French, various including
**French, James D. (c.1936–1966), American criminal
**French, James R., American aerospace engineer
*Jim French, various including
**French, Jim (fl. 1870s), American cowboy & outlaw
**French, Jim (born 1932), American photographer (Rip Colt)
**French, Jim, American voice actor & producer
*John French, various including
**French, John, American drummer
**French, John Alexander, Australian soldier
**French, John Denton Pinkstone, Earl of Ypres, 1st (1852-1925), British soldier
*French, Katy (1983-2007), Irish socialite & model
*French, Kenneth, American economist
*French, Kristen (1976-1992), Canadian crime victim
*French, Marilyn (born 1929), American author
*French, Melinda Ann (born 1964)
*French, Nicci pseudonym of a duo of British journalists & authors, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French
*Nicki French, English singer
*French, Ray H. (1919-2000), American artist and print maker
*French, Samuel (1821-1898), American entrepreneur & theatrical publisher
*French, Samuel G. (1818–1910), U.S. Army officer
*French, Sarah, a former beauty pageant contestant.
*Sean French, various including
**French, Seán (1890–1937), Irish Fianna Fáil politician
**French, Seán (born 1931), Irish Fianna Fáil politician
*French, Susan (1912-2003), American actress
*French, Valerie, wrestling figure
*French, Victor (1934-1989), American actor
*French, William Percy (1854-1920), Irish songwriter & entertainerWilliam French, (1989-present) American Actor

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