Heidi (disambiguation)

Heidi (disambiguation)

"Heidi" is a story of an orphan girl composed by Johanna Spyri from Switzerland in 1880. The novel has been adapted into:
*"Heidi", a 1937 film
*"Heidi", a 1968 telemovie
*"Heidi, Girl of the Alps", a 1974 anime series
*"Heidi's Song", a 1982 animated film
*"Heidi", a 1996 animated film
*"Heidi", a 2005 animated film

Heidi may also refer to the following:


Heidi is also the name of the following female personalities:

*Heidi Alice Voight, Miss Connecticut 2006
*Heidi Anderson, American voice actor
*Heidi Androl, "" candidate
*Heidi Baker, American missionary in Africa
*Heidi Barrett, winemaker
*Heidi Becker, Austrian "Playboy" Playmate
*Heidi Bedell, Irish politician
*Heidi Behrens-Benedict, American politician
*Heidi Berry, American singer-songwriter
*Heidi Biebl, former German alpine skier
*Heidi Blickenstaff, American actress
*Heidi Bohay, American actress
*Heidi Burge, retired American women's basketball player
*Heidi Choat, Australian sex offender
*Heidi Chu, former Miss Hong Kong contestant
*Heidi Collins, CNN correspondent
*Heidi Cortez, American model
*Heidi-Elke Gaugel, German athlete
*Heidi Fleiss, former American female pimp
*Heidi Foss, Canadian TV writer
*Heidi Grande Røys, Norwegian politician
*Heidi Groskreutz, American ballroom dancer
*Heidi Hamilton, co-host of radio show "Frosty, Heidi & Frank"
*Heidi Harley, American linguist
*Heidi Harris, American radio personality
*Heidi Hautala, Finnish politician
*Heidi Heitkamp, American lawyer
*Heidi Herzon, American TV producer
*Heidi Hollinger, Canadian photographer
*Heidi Jones, American TV weathercaster
*Heidi Julavits, American author
*Heidi Kabel, German musician and actress
*Heidi Klum, German supermodel and host of "Project Runway"
*Heidi Kozak, American actress
*Heidi Larssen, Norwegian politician
*Heidi Lee Morgan, American female professional wrestler
*Heidi Lenhart, American actress
*Heidi Lucas, American actress
*Heidi Lück, German politician
*Heidi MacDonald, American journalist
*Heidi Mark, American "Playboy" Playmate
*Heidi Miller, American female body-builder
*Heidi Miller, Virginia Tech massacre survivor
*Heidi Mollenhauer, voice actor
*Heidi Montag, "The Hills" actress
*Heidi Mueller, American actress
*Heidi Murkoff, American author
*Heidi Neumark, American spiritual writer
*Heidi Newfield, American country music singer and former frontwoman of Trick Pony
*Heidi Pelttari, Finnish ice hockey player
*Heidi Postlewait, former UN social worker
*Heidi Puurula, Finnish singer
*Heidi Rakels, Belgian judoka
*Heidi Range, member of British girl group Sugababes
*Heidi Ravven, American professor
*Heidi Roizen, American businesswoman
*Heidi Seeman, American child murder victim
*Heidi Sorenson, Danish-Canadian "Playboy" Playmate
*Heidi Sørensen, Norwegian politician
*Heidi Sørensen, member of Danish musical duo S.O.A.P.
*Heidi Strobel, "Survivor: The Amazon" contestant
*Heidi Swedberg, American actress
*Heidi Thomas, English screenwriter and playwright
*Heidi VanDerveer, American basketball coach
*Heidi Von Gunden, American musicologist
*Heidi Wyss, Swiss author
*Heidi Zeigler, American child actress
*Heidi Zeller-Bähler, Swiss alpine skier
*Heidi Zimmer, American hearing-impaired mountain climber
*Heidi Zurbriggen, Swiss alpine skier


*Heidi, a Scottish Terrier
*Heidi Game, an AFL game
*Killing Heidi, an Australian rock band
** "Killing Heidi", the band's third album
*2521 Heidi, an asteroid named after the book "Heidi"
*Heidi (Del 1) and Heidi (Del 2), episodes of Danish sitcom "Langt fra Las Vegas"

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