Canadian Mathematical Olympiad

Canadian Mathematical Olympiad

The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO), is, as the name suggests, the national Olympiad of Canada. It is run by the Canadian Mathematical Society and sponsored by the company Sun Life Financial. [ [ Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) ] ] The Olympiad plays several roles in Canadian mathematics competitions, most notably being Canada's main team selection process for the International Mathematical Olympiad. [ [ 37TH CANADIAN MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD WINNERS ] ]


Qualification for the CMO is usually through the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, though only "official" participants of that contest can enter. Generally, the cutoff for the CMO on that contest is in the 70s. []


There are several different types of rewards for doing well on the CMO:
*Six people are selected each year for the Canadian International Mathematical Olympiad team, the pinnacle of high school mathematical competition. [ [ International Mathematical Olympiad / Olympiade internationale de mathématiques ] ]
*Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded based the percentile you scored in. [ [ CEMC - Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge ] ]


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*Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
*List of mathematics competitions


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* [ Official CMO website]

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