Bedbug (comics)

Bedbug (comics)


caption =
character_name =Bedbug
publisher =Shooting Star Comics
debut ="Shooting Star Comics Anthology" #1
(Summer 2001)
creators =Scott Rogers
alter_ego =Buddy Sprang
Base of operations = Silicon City
alliances =Super Battalion
aliases =
powers=High tech equipment and perserverance.|

Bedbug, the "single father superhero" is a fictional comic book superhero created by artist/writer Scott Rogers. The character made his first appearance in "Shooting Star Comics Anthology" #1 (Summer 2001). Bedbug's secret identity is Buddy Sprang, a wealthy inventor who made his fortune creating and selling one of the first internet search engine. As a boy, he is crippled after playing superhero and loses the use of his legs. With the aid of his brother, Terry, Buddy creates a pair of "Jumpin' Boots" that allows him not only to walk but to leap great heights. Now independently wealthy, Buddy is able to create the gear to enable him to pursue his childhood dream of super-heroics. Bedbug operates in Silicon City, where he lives with his brother Terry and his young daughter Elvira, and fights an assortment of costumed villains. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, science and technology, wealth, and perseverance in his superhero career.


Bedbug's costume resembles a large bug. His over-sized Jumpin' Boots allow him not only to walk, but to jump great heights, absorb great shocks and kick with increased strength. His wrist gauntlets house a swingline and Bug-Bite blasters. His helmet has large goggles and two antennea. He also wears a utility belt to carry a variety of items.


Bedbug utilizes several gadgets, many of which are part of his costume. His "Jumpin' Boots" allow him to leap over an eighth of a mile and a cushion the impact of a moving car. His "Bug-Bite" blasters can incapacitate a foe with an electrical jolt and his antennea on his helmet house a police scanner, cell phone and GPS device.

Bedbug also wears a utility belt which houses the following items: exploding pellets, sleeping gas pellets, a "bug-light" flashlight, a silken cord, and snacks.


Bedbug has battled a variety of supervillains. Recurring antagonists include Grave Robber, Player One, Scrapper, and the Network.


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