Satan (disambiguation)

Satan (disambiguation)

Satan is a religious term for a fallen angel, a Jinn or the devil.

SATAN stands for Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks.

Satan may also refer to:
*Satan (fish) or widemouth blindcat, a species of catfish
*SS-18 Satan, the NATO reporting name for the R-36M intercontinental ballistic missile
*"Satan", a song by Teenage Fanclub from the album "Bandwagonesque"

In fictional characters:
*Satan (Image Comics), an Image comic book supervillain
*Satan ("Old Harry's Game"), a character in the "Old Harry's Game" universe
*Satan ("South Park"), a character in "South Park" media
*Mr. Satan or Hercule, a character in "Dragon Ball" media


*Miroslav Šatan (born 1974), Slovak ice hockey player

ee also

*"Satan Live", an album by Orbital
*Satan Claw, a fictional weapon used by the Marvel comic book supervillain Baron Strucker
*Lucifer (disambiguation)
*Seitan or wheat gluten
*"Boletus satanas", also known as the Devil's bolete or Satan's mushroom

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