The Fazlehaq College Mardan

The Fazlehaq College Mardan

The Fazlehaq College Mardan is a college brought into existence by the combined efforts of the then Governor of the North-West Frontier Province General Fazle Haq and the Great Educationist Abdul Ali Khan (son of the Familiar politician Bacha Khan) in the 1980s. Its first classes started in 1985. Within a short span of time the college under the Leadership of Ali Khan became popular for its values based education, especially Discipline. It is situated in the Vicinities of Mardan on Nissata Road. It has a total number of students of almost 600 and most of them are borders. Their motto is 'Know Thyself'.

The College is basically divided into three Schools i.e. Preparatory School, Junior School and Senior School. Each School having its own head-master/mistress and its own set of teaching staff. and their own mottos.

Preparatory School:The Preparatory school includes students from P-0 till P-5 i.e. from K.G till the Fifth grade.Usually it is headed by a Head-Mistress and the teaching staff for the Preparatory school are mainly females. The students of the Preparatory School reside in their separate hostels namely, Karlanr House and the Abdali House. The hostels are named after the great forefathers of the Pathans that inhabit the area.

Junior School:The junior School students from F-1 to F-3 i.e from 6th till the 8th grade. Usually male teachers make up the teaching staff. students reside in their separate hostel namely, Sir Sahibzada House, named after the great Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi, Sawabi, Founder of Islamia College and then University of Peshawar.

Senior School:Senior School Branches out into two separate sreams of study, M-1 And M-2 i.e. 9th and 10th grade leads to the Matriculation exam of the Pakistani scheme of studies, while on the other hand F-4 and F-5 also denoting the 9th and 10th grades lead to the GCE 'o' levels exam of the Cambridge University.after that the intermediate classes that is the 11th and 12th grade are the same for all as no 'a' levels programs are provided as yet.Students of the Senior School reside in the Sher Shah Suri House, named after the great afghan Warrior.

Another section af the boys are categorized as the Khushal House Named after the great warrior poet Khushal Khan Khattak, these are the Day-Boarders. The Fazlehaq College Mardan provides excellent sports and recreational facilities, large Cricket and Hockey grounds, two large Swimming Pools, a Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Basketball and Badminton Courts, a Boating Swamp, Tennis Lawns, Softball Pitches and an active gymnastics squad keep the students quiet healthy.Besides all that there are a number of clubs and soceities and each and everyone of the students has to join one or the other, this keeps their mind aloof of their text books once a week.Food is of the best quality, and the menu is carefully sketched so as to provide maximum nutrition to all the students.There is also an annual picnic at a far off city for the Prep School and a 2-3 days treking and camping for the Junior and Senior schools at a base camp in Lalkoo Upper Swat.All in all the FCM is a great facility for the people of the area, it is a good opportunity for all the lucky ones who are able to be a part of this history in the making.The school has had great personalities as its principals, Abdul Ali Khan its founder was a one of the greatest educationists of Pakistan, known for turning around the fates of many institutions around for the better, Hidayatullah Khan Sikandri following up with his army's discipline and now currently headed by Lt.Col(r) Sultan Zeb.

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