Dolphin Diaries

Dolphin Diaries

Dolphin Diaries is a series of books by Lucy Daniels. This is a work of fiction.

Dolphin Diaries is about a young girl, Jody McGrath, who travels with her family as they research dolphins on a yacht called the Dolpin Dreamer.


Jody McGrath:

Jody McGrath is a thirteen year old girl, sailing with her parents and the crew on the boat Dolphin Dreamer to study dolphins. She has an unfriendly relationship with Brittany, daughter of the ship's captain Harry Pierce. Despite her love of dolphins, Jody wishes to see her friend Lindsey. Jody keeps a diary to record all of the events on the trip.

Brittany Pierce:

Brittany Pierce is the ship captain's daughter. Her mom drops her off unexpectedly and leaves for France. Brittany believes she is a star and hates every part of the dolphin expedition. But she soon starts to enjoy the expedition.

Gina McGrath:

Gina McGrath is Jody's mom. She is a marine biologist who is living on the boat Dolphin Dreamer to study dolphins.

Craig McGrath:

Gina's husband and Jody's father. Like his wife he is also a marine biologist.

Sean McGrath:

Sean is Jody's younger brother and Craig and Gina's son. He likes to pull pranks and hang out with his twin brother Jimmy.

Mei Lin:

The cook and engineer.

Dr. Jefferson Taylor:

A scientist from an oil company that is sponsoring the project.

Jimmy McGrath:

Jimmy is Jody's younger brother and Craig and Gina's son. He also likes to pull pranks on there other crew mates.

Harry Pierce:

Harry is Dolphin Dreamer's captain and Brittany's dad.


Harry's helper with sailing the ship.


Maddie is the McGrath's assistant and teaches Jody, Brittany, Sean, and Jimmy.

The Books

  1. Into The Blue

dolphins: bottle-nosed dolphins

  1. Touching the Waves

dolphins:Bottle-nosed dolphins

  1. Riding the Storm

dolphins:Atlantic spotted dolphin, bottle-nosed dolphin

  1. Under the Stars

dolphins: bottle-nosed dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin ( Mentioned only)

  1. Chasing the Dream

dolphins:Atlantic Spotted and Bottle-Nosed Dolphin hybrid and bottle-nosed dolphins, spinner dolphins

  1. Racing the Wind

dolphins:orca (mentioned), boto, tucuxi

  1. Following the Rainbow

dolphins:Long-finned pilot whale, long-beaked common dolphin, bottle-nosed dolphin (mentioned)

  1. Dancing the Seas

dolphins:spinner dolphins, pantropical spotted dolphins

  1. Leaving the Shallows

bottle-nosed dolphins, pink dolphin

  1. Beyond the Sunrise

Ganges river dolphins, Irrawaddy dolphins

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