List of alternative therapies for developmental and learning disabilities

List of alternative therapies for developmental and learning disabilities

This list covers alternative therapies for developmental and learning disabilities. Many of the treatments—including physiotherapy, massage and others—are neither generally considered as 'alternative therapies' nor as standard treatments for developmental and learning disabilities. They are, however, sometimes given or recommended as treatments specifically for these disabilities and therefore included in the list.

Bioenergy therapies

*Bi-Aura therapycite book
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*Craniosacral therapy

*Distant healing

*Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Balancing Technique

*magnetic field therapy

*therapeutic touch (TT)

*Thought Field Therapy (TFT)


*Alexander technique




*Physiotherapy and occupational therapy for learning disabilities



*Zero Balancing

Dietary treatments

*additive-free dietscite book
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*Antifungal medication

*Ayurvedic medicine

*B6-magnesium treatment

*Chelation therapy

*fatty acidscite book
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*food allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities (diet base)

*Gluten-free, casein-free diet (GFCF)

*glyconutritional supplement

*herbal medicine



*refined sugar-free diet

*secretin treatment

*trace minerals, trace elements

*vaccination (avoidance)


Eclectic approaches

*Educational kinesiology (Edu-K)

*Sunflower therapy [cite journal
last = Bull, L.| title = Sunflower therapy for children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia): A randomised, controlled trial
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Hearing therapies

*Auditory integration training (AIT), auditory processing training

*Interactive Metronome


*Mozart Effect

*music therapy

*Spectral Activated Music of Optimal Natural Structure (SAMONAS)

*The Tomatis Methodcite book
last =Chivers
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title =Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies
publisher =Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Holistic healing

*Applied Kinesiology

*crystal therapy

*flower remedies



Medical interventions

*anti-motion sickness medication and other types for Vestibular Dysfunction

Movement-based therapies

*Brain Gym

*Brushing technique

*DDAT or the Dore Treatment; Balance Remediation Exercise Training Programme

*Developmental Exercise Programme (inhibition of primitive reflexes)

*Learning Breakthrough

*(Psychomotor) patterning

*Primary Movement

Pedagogical approaches and policies

*Full inclusion

*Gentle Teaching

*Person Centered Approach (PCA)

Psychosocial interventions

*Floortime (aka DIR)

*holding therapy


tress management

*caffeine-free diet

*Laughter therapy


*positive thinking

*stress management

tudent profiling

*Brain Organisation Profile (BOP)

*Learning styles

Technological interventions


*Facilitated Communication

*Fast ForWord

Touch therapies




*Bowen Technique

*Brushing and joint compression

*Emotional Freedom Technique




Training methods

*Davis Dyslexia Correction

*Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

*Sensory Integration Training (SIT)

*Whole Language

Visual approaches

*Asfedic Tuning (TintaVision)

*Coloured overlays

*Dunlop test

*Harris Filters

*Intuitive Colorimeter

*Irlen Syndrome


*Optometric evaluation and optometric visual training

*Prism glasses

*Tinted lenses, ChromaGen lenses

*Visual Tracking Magnifier

Emerging therapies

*Dolphin Assisted Therapy


*Light and Colour Therapy


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