Skanger or scanger (IPA2|skɑŋəɹ) [ Did you snog? No, I scored, you muppet] — "Irish Independent" newspaper article, 8 February 2006.] ) is a derogatory term for a member of a working-class youth subculture group in Ireland, similar to the chav in the United Kingdom. [ [ 'Asbo' and 'Chav' make dictionary] , BBC News, 8 June 2005.] [ [,,1502190,00.html This cackle about cackleberries is enough to leave you scunnered] , "The Guardian" newspaper article, 9 June 2005.]

The stereotypical skanger is said to wear a tracksuit, gold jewellery, a replica football shirt, athletic shoes, tattoos, fake Burberry caps, piercings, is from a working class area, and speaks with a marked working-class accent. Male skangers tend to have cropped (commonly bleached) haircuts and drive cars with loud sound and exhaust systems and can be called boy racers due to their tendency to drive at speed. Pyjamas, bleached-blonde hair and large hoop earrings are popular with howiyas (females). [ [ Pyjama Party] — "The Irish Times" newspaper article, 11 November 2006.] Skangers have a reputation for anti-social behaviour."Every skanger from Timahoe to Termonfeckin is out burning tyres, stoning firemen and demanding bin bags of chocolate." — [ Luas Talk] — "Irish Independent" newspaper column, 28 October 2006.]

Depictions in popular culture

* Colin Farrell's character in the movie "Intermission"."As foulmouthed Dublin skanger Lehiff, Farrell is a violent petty criminal" [ Intermission] — film review from the RTÉ website, retrieved 29 November 2006.]
* Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, the satirical stereotype created by journalist Paul Howard, often encounters skangers, whom he also refers to as "skobies"."The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightdress", by Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, Penguin Books, ISBN 1-84488-089-3.]

ee also

Other youth subcultures that resemble skangers:
* Spide or Millie (Northern Ireland)
* Chav (England)
* Dres (Poland)
* Ned (Scotland)
* Bogan (Australia and New Zealand)
* Ah beng (Singapore/Malaysia)
* Naco (Mexico)
* White Trash (United States)


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* [ scanger, skanger] — definition from the [] website
* [ Urban Dictionary definition of Skanger] (definitions predate this article)

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