Lexical density

Lexical density

In computational linguistics, lexical density constitutes the estimated measure of content per functional (grammatical) and lexical units (lexemes) in total. Specifically, this is a coefficient of the word type to token ratio of a text. The main application of the lexical density coefficient is to be found in corpus linguistics.

Lexical density may be determined thus:

(Tp/Tn) x 100 = Ld


Tp = the number of word types in the analysed text

Tn = the number of all tokens in the analysed text

Ld = the analysed text's lexical density

(Please note that the variable symbols applied herein are by no means conventional, they are simply random chosen designations that serve to illustrate the example in question.)

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*Content analysis

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* [http://www.usingenglish.com/showdef.php?p=lexical-density-test.html Lexical Density Test definition]

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