List of works of Garbis Aprikian

List of works of Garbis Aprikian

This is a list of works of Garbis Aprikian.


* Kovk-praises and wishes- for chorus
* Hymn-blessings-for chorus
* Scherzo-rejoicing-for chorus
* Little Nuptial Suite- in 4 movements for mezzo, harp and cello
* Oror- Lullaby for mezzo, harp and cello (and a chorus version)
* Sweet is the night-melody with piano
* Ledjag- melody with piano
* Lamento- complaint of an orphan
* Nocturne-Fugue
* Es Kechir- dance for solo, chorus and orchestra
* Ninam-Niman- dance for solo, chorus and orchestra
* Dark Sky-for chorus and orchestra
* Nocturne- on a theme by Komitas for solo, chorus and orchestra
* Tchellar-Tchellar- Divertimento for soli, chorus and orchestra
* Orchestral Prelude- on a poem of Gh. Aghayan for orchestra
* The birth of David of Sassoon- profane oratorio

Works of Ganatchian entirely revised enhaced and orchestrated
* Nanor-Description of a pilgrimage – for soli, chorus and orchestra
* Aphegha'n-Holy Legend- Lyric drama in one act -Harmonization- Orchestration and arrangements

From popular source

* Hay Yeghpaïner-for chorus and orchestra
* Togh Gorentchin-for chorus and orchestra
* Iprev Ardziv- for chorus and orchestra
* Lamentation of Vaspourakan-for chorus and orchestra
* Karahissar-for solo, chorus and orchestra

From Komitas

* "Braves of Sipan"'- for chorus and orchestra
* Gali Yerk-for soli, chorus and orchestra

From Patmagrian

* Haralé-for soli, chorus and orchestra
* Yar Gula-for chorus and orchestra
* Yalali-for chorus and orchestra
* Six Armenian songs for piano to young pianists

From Ganatchian

* The willow-melody with orchestra
* The dream of Alvarte- melody with orchestra
* Choucho- for chorus with orchestra
* With the Roses- for chorus and orchestra

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