Padmanabha Tirtha

Padmanabha Tirtha

Sri Padmanabha Tirtha was one of the prominent disciples of Sri Madhvacharya, the founder of the Dvaita school of philosophy.

Sri Padmanabha Tirtha was initially a follower of the Advaita school of philosophy and his earlier name was Sobhana Bhatta. He was one of the most well known scholars of his time. He came under the influence of Sri Madhva and converted to the Dvaita school. His lineage has now evolved into what is now known as the Uttaradi Matha. Sri Padmanabha Tirtha is credited with spreading the Dvaita movement all through Karnataka.

After Sri Madhva left for Badarinath, it was Sri Padmanabha Tirtha who took over the "Pitha" and continued the tradition.

The brindavana of Sri Padmanabha Tirtha can be found at Navabrundavana near Hampi.

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