Mert Icgoren

Mert Icgoren

Mert Icgoren (born 20 February, 1980) is a Turkish singer, guitarist, songwriter, soccer player, film director, writer and photographer. His self-titled debut album "Mert Icgoren" was released on July 2006.

Early life

Mert Icgoren was born in Mersin, Turkey. During his early childhood his family moved to Istanbul, Turkey. He attended Ayazaga Isik Lisesi throughout his academic life until university. He met Mehmet Cem Unal with whom he collaborated through out his musical career, during his high school years. He studied film at Emerson College and after college moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his directing career.

Musical career

During high school years he played as a vocalist and lead-guitarist in various bands. His style was mainly hard-rock and heavy-metal. Later in college his interest in rap and hip-hop music pushed him towards trying new sounds which eventually led to his first rap song Istanbul Duy Beni. As a result of its success Ortam Cocugu and Turk Mali followed.

Following his successful demos, he was approached by major record companies in Turkey. He opted to go sign with Istanbul Plak, after meeting with Mehmet Sogutoglu who, in early 1990s discovered Tarkan.

Following the release of his album, Mert Icgoren opted to go back to Los Angeles, CA and continue working on his film career. Since then he has given numerous interviews but the future of his music career remain uncertain.

As a writer

His first book Hi...Hi... was published in 1995. Since then he has written two other unpublished books, one of them being Ortam Cocugu'nun El Kitabi.

As a director

He has directed several short films and also works as a commercial and music video director. Currently he's producing Tanisan Seversin, a TV show which he created, about an up-and-coming pop star. Currently he's working on Buyuk Dusler, his feature-directorial debut.

As a soccer player

His childhood dream was to become a soccer player like Tanju Colak. After a horrible injury he was forced to leave sports and pursued other interests.


None of his given interviews match with each other. In every interview he gives contradicting answers about his family life and background.

He has a twin brother, and lives in Hermosa Beach, CA

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