Toma Lá, Dá Cá

Toma Lá, Dá Cá

Toma Lá, Dá Cá is a Brazilian television sitcom broadcast by Globo Network on Tuesday nights. The episodes are performed in front of a live audience, in a format very similar to the one of older sitcom Sai de Baixo, also created by Miguel Falabella.


Every day is crazy at Jambalaya Building on Ocean Drive! Once upon a time, Mário Jorge was married to Rita. They have two children: Isadora and Tatalo. At the same time, Celinha was married to dentist Arnaldo and they have one son, Adônis. Eventually both couples end their relationships.

Then came the craziness...Mário Jorge married Celinha and Arnaldo married Rita. They all moved into the Jambalaya Building in apartments right across from one another! Celinha's mother, Copélia spends her days finding boyfrieds with her granddaughter, Isadora. Tatalo is a fan of Bob Marley and Adônis is into Japanese animated porn. The two families share the same maid, Bozena: a woman from the south who loves telling weird stories about her hometown, Pato Branco. Álvara is the gossip of the Jambalaya Building and loves to talk badly about everyone's lives.


Celinha: Adônis's Mother, Arnaldo's ex-wife and Mário Jorge's second wife. Celinha is a great and organized housewife and is always trying to be happy and cheerful in problems but, sometimes, she snaps and screams at people. Always suffers because of her mother's(Copélia) behavior. She was married with Arnaldo. Celinha has an odd habit of trying to cheer up someone who's feeling down (usually her husband, Mário Jorge) by clapping hands and singing a reason for that person to cheer up, preceded and followed by poorly made drum sounds ("Example:" Nan, nan, nan, be happy, nan, nan, nan!)

Mário Jorge: Tatalo's and Isadora's father, Adônis's step-father, Rita's ex-husband, and Celinha's second one. Mario Jorge always ramble about his troubles and people's failures. Always Ironic, Mario Jorge calls his Daughter, Isadora, of "Devil´s eyes(Olho Junto in Brazil) or "Rotten Inside"(Mal Caráter in Brazil) and rambles about her rebel behavior and her brother's, Tatalo, apparent lack of intelligence. Always trying to acquire more money of other people, he is Rita´s Business Enemy and always tells about what terrible wife and Mother Rita is. He is identical to his mother, Genova. He is usually the first one to get annoyed by Bozena's crazy histories about his Hometown, and finds Copélias lustful behavior as shocking, which he always demonstrates by cupping one hand (or both hands) over his mouth after one of her revelations, as one time she told that on the night before she was running naked in Copacabana beach.

Rita: Tatalo's and Isadora's mother, Mário Jorge's first wife, and Arnaldo's second wife. Unlike Celinha, a dedicated housewife, Rita is always busy with her job as Estate agent, which usually results in failed sells by being beaten by Mário Jorge's competitive business. Due to this, her house is usually a complete mess, rarely having food in the freezer. She is very criticized by Celinha and Bozena because of that, with the Sullist maid openly saying she likes Celinha's house much better than Rita's.

Arnaldo: Adônis's father, Tatalo's and Isadora's Step-father, Celinha's first husband, and Rita's second husband. Arnaldo is a dentist who is mildly obsessed with his job and always searching for new patients.

Adônis: Arnaldo's and Celinha's only son, and Mário Jorge's step-son. He is an emo in his preteens with a cynical wit. He speaks in a very polished way, at times using words from old portuguese (like "vós", the portuguese equivalent to thee). He is an otaku, obsessed with oriental women, which made him into a hentai artist. He created the "Furiko series", about a japanese schoolgirl's adventures in the inefficient Brazilian educational system.

Tatalo: Mário Jorge's and Rita's only son, Isadora's older brother, and Arnaldo's step-son. He is a follower of Bob Marley, once being suspected of consuming weed by his crazy behavior, but earlier in the series it was discovered that he's always like that. He is a wonderful tap dancer, though his talents are always ignored by his parents, Mário Jorge being the one who always steps where it hurts.


* Miguel Falabella - Mário Jorge
* Adriana Esteves - Celinha
* Diogo Vilela - Arnaldo
* Marisa Orth - Rita
* Stella Miranda - Álvara
* Arlete Salles - Copélia
* Fernanda Souza - Isadora
* Daniel Torres - Adônis
* George Sauma - Tatalo
* Alessandra Maestrini - Bozena

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