Anatol Pikas

Anatol Pikas

Anatol Pikas, Ph.D. (born 29 November 1928), creator of the Shared Concern method, SCm, is a retired associate professor in Educational Psychology from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Pikas was born in Viljandi, Estonia, and raised in Norrköping in Sweden. He has been a visiting professor in Peace Education in Heidelberg, at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, USA.

In the 1960s Pikas’ fields of teaching and research included cognitive psychology and in the 1970s Peace Education. Since the 1980s, Pikas has been developing his Shared Concern method, SCm, originally aimed at dealing with cases of bullying when they occur in school. More recently, SCm has been used as a basis for Peer Mediation and treating youth violence in cases where therapeutic mediation can be applied.

Published works

The following is a partial list of published works by Dr. Pikas:

*"Gemensamt Bekymmer metoden. Handbok för ett paradigmskifte i behandling av skolmobbning (1998)"
*"Så bekämpar vi mobbning i skolan. (1987)"
*"Rationell konfliktlösning, translated into 5 languages. (1973)"
*"Abstraction and concept formation. Harvard University Press (1966)"

External links

* " [" Official site of Shared Concern method]
* [ Official site of Gemensamt Bekymmer metoden]

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