A hex is a curse or magical spell or a female caster of such. The term is derived from the German word "Hexe" for a witch. Hex is also the Greek root word denoting "six" as in "hexagon", a six-sided geometric figure. Hex may also mean:


Television & Movies

*Hex (TV series)
*Hex (Doctor Who), a character in the "Big Finish Productions" audio plays based on the television series "Doctor Who"
*Hex, a Ben 10 villain.
*Hex (1973 movie), a 1973 film starring Keith Carradine, Gary Busey, Dan Haggerty, and Hillarie Thompson


*Hex (recording artist), solo artist began recording in the 90's;1134 Productions
*Hex (Or Printing in the Infernal Method), an album by the band Earth
*Hex (album), an album by the band Bark Psychosis
*Hex (VJ group), a British-based multimedia group active in the 1990s, which later became Hexstatic

Books & Comics

*Hex, the collective pseudonym of Henry Rathvon and Emily Cox
*Hex (Discworld), a fictional computer from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" novels
*Hex (book), set in a future dystopia.
*Jonah Hex, a DC Comics character
*Dominic Destine, a Marvel Comics character from Clan Destine


*Part of a hex map
*Hex (board game)
*Hex, a DNA binding protein (more properly known as PRH) that controls gene expression and cell proliferation
*Hexadecimal, a base-16 number system often used by programmers
*Intel HEX A computer file format
*Hex River, South Africa
*pow-wow (folk magic), the Pennsylvania German magical system of "hex work"
*Uranium hexafluoride - part of the nuclear fuel refinement process
*A Hexcentric, an item of climbing protection equipment
*Hex - the Legend of the Towers, an indoor amusement ride at Alton Towers, England
*A hex key, also known as an Allen, hex-head, zeta key, or wrench, is a tool used to drive fasteners
*Hex sign, a barn decoration originating in Pennsylvania Dutch Country of the Northeastern United States
*Heat exchanger, a device for heat transfer

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