Bower may refer to:

* a folly built by the Bowerbird to attract mates
* a dwelling or lean-to shelter
* an anchor carried at the bow of a ship
* Bower Manuscript, a Sanskrit manuscript
* Bower-Barff process, a metallurgy method of coating iron or steel with magnetic iron oxide
* Julian's Bower, various turf mazes in several different parts of England
* 1639 Bower, a namesake of the Bower family of asteroids
* Green bower - A leafy shelter or recess. See arbor.


* Adrian Bower, English actor
* Archibald Bower (1686 - 1766), Scottish historian
* B. M. Bower (1871 – 1940), American novelist
* David Bower, deaf actor
* E. Nott-Bower, British archer
* Frederick Orpen Bower, British botanist
* Graham Bower, diplomat
* Gordon H. Bower eminent psychologist
* Jeff Bower, American Football coach
* Jimmy Bower, heavy metal guitarist
* Johnny Bower, Hockey Hall of Fame goalie
* John Nott-Bower, Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
* Mark Bower (born 1980), English footballer
* Marvin Bower, American lawyer
* Matthew Bower, British musician
* Michael Bower, American actor
* Norman Adolph Henry Bower, British Conservative politician
* Paul Bower (born 1988), Australian rules footballer
* Scott Bower, an American soccer player, a talented student at CHS
* Shane Bower (wrestler)
* Steve Bower
* Thomas Bower, English architect
* Tom Bower, British writer
* Walter Bower (1385-1449)


* Bower Hinton, a part of the village of Martock, Somerset, United Kingdom
* Bower Ashton, a small district two miles to the west of the centre of Bristol, England
* Bower's Hill, Virginia, a community located in the independent city of Chesapeake, Virginia, U.S.
* Havering-atte-Bower, a village in the London Borough of Havering, England
* Fairy Bower, New South Wales, an affluent suburb of Sydney, Australia
* Bower, South Australia
* Bower, Northumberland
* Bower, Highland, a parish of the former county of Caithness, now within the Highland council area of Scotland
* Bower, Julia

Bower may also be:
* An altered spelling of the German family name Bauer
* The right bower and left bower in euchre

See also

* Bowers
* Bowery
* Wish Tree

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