Æthelric (disambiguation)

Æthelric (disambiguation)

Aethelric or Æthelric or Ethelric is an Anglo-Saxon male name used by:

* Æthelric king of Hwicce, late 7th century
* Æthelric I Bishop of Selsey, 1032-1038
* Aethelric of Deira king of Deira, early 7th century
* Æthelric II Bishop of Selsey, 1058-1070
* Æthelric of Bernicia king of Bernicia, late 6th century
* Æthelric, Archbishop of York Archbishop of York, 1041-1042
* Æthelric son of Æthelmund Ealdorman of Hwicce, early 9th century
* Athelric bishop of Sherborne, early 11th century
* Ethelric bishop of Durham, 1042-1056

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