Flight watch

Flight watch

Flight Watch is the common name in the United States for an Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS) dedicated to providing weather to and collecting it from pilots operating at lower altitudes (mostly general aviation).

While U.S. Flight Service Stations (FSS) operate Flight Watch, Flight Watch does not provide a full range of FSS services such as filing flight plans, acquiring preflight weather briefings, providing NOTAMs, or picking up IFR clearances; instead, it is limited to the following:

* enroute weather updates
* collection of Pilot Weather Reports (PIREPs)

The service is available on a single common frequency, 122.0 MHz, to flights operating between 5,000 and 17,000 ft MSL from 06:00 to 22:00 local time across the coterminous United States. Discrete frequencies are available for high altitude aircraft. Flight Watch may be available below 5,000 ft MSL, depending on terrain and the distance from the nearest station.

ee also

*Flight Service Station

External links

* [http://flightwatch.com/efas.cfml Description of the service]
* [http://www.aopa.org/pilot/features/ii_9811.html AOPA: Instrument Insights Part 11 of 12: Weather on the Fly]

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