Adilson E. Motter

Adilson E. Motter

Adilson E. Motter, born January 1, 1974, is a Brazilian-born American-based scientist working at Northwestern University. Motter's research is focused on complex systems and nonlinear phenomena, primarily involving chaos, fractals, statistical physics, complex networks and systems biology.

cientific activity

Motter has contributed with pioneering efforts in the study of nonlinear phenomena in complex systems. He is credited for solving the paradox of heterogeneity in the synchronization of complex networks [Motter A. E., [ Bounding Network Spectra for Network Design] , New Journal of Physics 9, 182 (2007).] , [Motter A. E., Zhou C. Z. and Kurths J., [ Network Synchronization, Diffusion, and the Paradox of Heterogeneity] , Physical Review E 71, 016116 (2005).] and devising local methods for cascade control in distributed systems [Motter A. E., [ Cascade Control and Defense in Complex Networks] , Physical Review Letters 93, 098701 (2004).] . In other areas he is known for accommodating the formalism of chaos theory within general relativity [Motter A. E., [ Relativistic Chaos is Coordinate Invariant] , Physical Review Letters 91, 231101 (2003).] and establishing the three degrees of separation for English words [Motter A. E., de Moura A. P. S., Lai Y.-C. and Dasgupta P., [ Topology of the Conceptual Network of Language] , Physical Review E 65, 065102 (2002).] .


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